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Category: Browser Hijackers is a search tool that is represented by an extension called “MyRadioTab,” also known as “Radio.” This extension can be downloaded from the and the Chrome web store, but some users acquire it via software bundles. Although we are discussing the extension in this report, it is possible that much more dangerous and malicious programs have been installed along with it. Immediately scan your operating system to check if malware was installed. Hopefully, you detect no other threats because the extension itself can be a handful. Sure, it does not download malware or threaten your virtual identity, but it can expose you to unpredictable third-party content, and that could be dangerous. If you research the extension and the search tool represented by it right away, you might learn quickly enough that removing this software is the best choice. However, if you delete after some time, your virtual security might already be jeopardized.

Although MyRadioTab has an official download page, it appears that this extension is often bundled with third-party programs. These bundles might be introduced to you via suspicious pop-ups, and that could be a sign of active adware. Unfortunately, advertising-supported software, tracking cookies, potentially unwanted programs, and other kinds of threats could be introduced to you. Obviously, if they exist, a quick malware scan will help you figure it out. A legitimate malware scanner will identify as a threat as well, and that is because it is associated with data tracking and because it can redirect you to a third-part search engine and show sponsored links. Although this hijacker redirects to, it does not mean that you are shown reliable search results. No, the hijacker might modify the results shown to deliver third-party advertisements, and that is why it is considered untrustworthy. Furthermore, these ads might be created based on the information recorded by tracking cookies. Though this should help advertisers provide you with more useful ads, they could use the information to trick you into interacting with completely useless and possibly misleading offers as well. These are the main reasons why we advise removing from your Google Chrome browser.

Not all users realize that is unreliable, and that is understandable. Despite the fact that this hijacker corrupts the default search provider and New Tab, it does not look malicious. Its interface is clean, and the provided buttons route to such popular websites as,,,,,,, and Also, despite that fact that the hijacker redirects you to a third-party engine without your permission, it redirects to Yahoo Search, which you might trust. If you ignore these signals, it is unlikely that you will research the program and find out that it is associated with unknown advertisers and that it can track information to help them create more appealing offers. Overall, it would be a mistake to underestimate, and, hopefully, we have provided you with enough of information to help you make the right decision about whether or not to delete it from your Chrome browser. We recommend removing it without any hesitation.

Are you still not sure you should remove from your operating system? Well, what’s holding you back? The extension representing this hijacker does not offer exclusive services, as it only provides easy-access links to popular sites. Besides this, the hijacker can spy on you, redirect you to a third-party search engine, and showcase ads instead of useful search results. In fact, we do not see one good reason why keeping this hijacker installed would be a good idea. When it comes to the removal, it is very easy to get rid of the hijacker because you can do so by eliminating the extension named “Radio.” As soon as the add-on is erased, the hijacker disappears along with it. Though manual removal is very simple, you have to look at the big picture as well. Are there other threats active? Can you erase them manually as well? If you cannot, and you are going to install an automated malware remover, there is no point in wasting your time with any unwanted programs.

Delete from Google Chrome

  1. Open the browser and tap Alt+F keys to launch a pop-up menu on the right.
  2. Select More tools and then click Extensions to open the chrome://extensions/ menu in a new tab.
  3. Identify the add-on you wish to get rid of (“Radio”) and click the recycling bin on its right.
  4. Select Remove and then restart your browser.
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