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At first glance, it might seem that is a trustworthy page that promotes a useful service; however, a team of researchers from has some doubts about its trustworthiness. According to them, there is a possibility that this website has been set up with the intention of obtaining some money from gullible computer users. Therefore, if you have found yourself on this website and cannot decide what to do, you should close without mercy. We are sure you could find a better radio service for a lower price, so you should not start using the service promoted at If you want to, you can use its trial version for free for a few days, but the chances are high that you will forget to cancel the subscription once the trial is over and thus a relatively high amount of money will be automatically taken from your bank account. It does not try to hide this fact from users: “Our service offers a TRIAL version of 7 days that is free but after this period the account becomes a premium account, unless you cancel before.” If you have already entered your name, email, and credit card details but decided to cancel the membership, you should click the red Cancel Membership button at the top of and provide all necessary details.

It is not surprising at all that so many users fall for the service promoted at It is promoted as a fast and safe service that enables users to access more than 900 radio channels. As you can find mentioned in the previous paragraph of this report, users are told that they could use the free trial for 7 days if they provide certain personal details (first name, last name, email address, and certain credit card details), but it seems that this might be a pure lie because our researchers have found a contradicting sentence under Trial period located in Terms and Conditions: “By registering with RadiosPick, the user enjoys a trial period of 3 days, during which only $ 1 will be charged for management and verification expenses.” It seems that the trial period is not entirely free, and it might be shorter than it might seem to be at first. This immediately suggests that there is something suspicious about this service, so if we were you, we would close without further consideration. We can assure you that similar pages offering reliable radio services are available.

Once the trial period is over, users have to pay $49.99 every month. Many users forget that they provided personal details to get the free trial of the service promoted at, so they are surely not happy about the amount of money charged. Specialists say that it might not be very easy to cancel the membership in reality. They have found another disturbing sentence in its Terms and Conditions under Withdrawal and resolution: “RadiosPick guarantees the Client the possibility of canceling his subscription at any time and without any cost, provided that the cancellation is communicated 15 days before the monthly expiration of his subscription.” To put it differently, users need to cancel the membership 15 days before the billing date in order not to get charged again, so it is not surprising for us at all that some users find it difficult to cancel the subscription. is an online service, but you might have software related to it installed on your computer, so it would be smart to check all installed applications or simply perform an in-depth system scan with a powerful antimalware scanner. If you are no longer going to use the service, its software must be removed completely too. You should also keep your antimalware tool enabled 24/7/365 so that you would get informed about dubious websites before actually visiting them. What else our specialists recommend for computer users is being extremely careful with advertisements opened on the screen while surfing the web because they might promote suspicious services similar to the radio service.

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