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Qakbot is a highly dangerous Trojan horse, also categorized as a worm, which you should remove from the computer as soon as possible. The malicious program spreads through removable drives, network shares, and infected web pages. Qakbot is relatively old infection; it is known to security researchers since mid-2009 and was at its peak in 2011. This Trojan horse downloads additional files, enables remote attackers to control the computer, and steals credential information, including login data. The Qakbot Trojan is capable of recording your keystrokes, which means that every time you are signing up to some account, you put your privacy at risk.

This threat is hosted on multiple malicious websites; hence, it is crucial to keep the computer protected against malware and spyware attacks.

Upon arriving at the computer, the infection scans the computer to check if it is present on the PC. If not, it creates a mutex, which ensures that no additional copy of the Trojan is created on the same computer.

The Qakbot Trojan contains a .dll file, which is extracted, decrypted and injected into legitimate processes in order to bypass the firewall and other security programs. The malicious .dll file is injected into a randomly selected file, including explorer.exe, firefox.exe, skype.exe, msmsgs.exe, opera.exe, outlook.exe, iexplore.exe, and svchost.exe.

Moreover, in order to start running at a Windows startup, the Qakbot Trojan creates its registry keys in the following registry keys:


Once installed, the Qakbot Trojan also attempts to connect to different servers, which are used to command the Trojan horse to perform particular actions. The malicious program communicates with,, to mention just a few.

Depending on the intentions of the attackers, the Qakbot Trojan is capable of collecting information about your computer, recording your keystrokes, stealing email username and passwords, reading information stored by cookies, and, most important, stealing information related to money transactions. The Qakbot Trojan can steal information about your account from websites such as,,,, and many others.

Additionally, the Qakbot Trojan may be employed to collect DNS details, information about you operating system, and your geographical location.

If you do care about your online privacy and want to be secure on the Internet, you should implement a reputable scanner once you notice that the computer is not running as usual. Not all security programs are capable of terminating the Qakbot Trojan; however, SpyHunter, our recommended security program, can readily eliminate the malicious infection from the computer. The sooner you implement a powerful scanner, the better, so take action right now if you want to protect your personal information and money.

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