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If you want to join the "world full of amazing search results" whatever that may mean, Pracember could be your choice but you would be wrong. This Google Chrome browser extension seems to be totally worthless as it simply redirects your searches to Google. So why on earth would anyone install such a useless app? Well, it is quite possible that you do not install it knowingly. How is this possible? Very easily when you install a free program that you downloaded from a questionable website. While you are focusing on installing your new "toy," potentially unwanted programs (PUPS) like this one and even malware infections may sneak onto your system if you are not cautious enough. Although this annoying PUP may not pose as a direct threat to your system, it might still present to you questionable content. No security-minded user would tolerate such deceptive distribution methods. In fact, we suggest that you remove Pracember from your browser along with all related and unrelated malicious programs as well.

You can find the official page at, but we do not believe that too many users would actually find this URL since the name of this tool is rather unique for anyone to search for it possibly unless you have heard about it somewhere. This page is probably one of the simplest ones we have ever seen. It is even hard for us to call it as a webpage really. There is only one single button on this page, a large "Click here" button that opens the usual pop-up window to inform you about the rights you are about to give to the extension after you press the "Add extension" button. Apart from virtually not having any content, this PUP does not seem to have legal documents either. Although, you can find the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links at the bottom as usual, nothing really happens if you click on them. This is rather suspicious and does not really give us the impression that we are dealing with a reliable app. In fact, this could be enough to delete Pracember if you have already installed it.

The other official channel is the Chrome web store page, You can also install this PUP directly from here in your Google Chrome browser. All it really does is set your default search engine to But obviously, there are other ways for this PUP to spread. We have found that its official site has a page, for example, where you can be presented with a pushy pop-up window that tells you: "To continue the work of your browser you should install the extension." Now, this again is a rather aggressive way to promote a tool. You can land on this page when you click on unreliable content like a third-party advertisement or a compromised link, but it is also possible to be redirected when your PC is infected with adware, for instance. After installation, this PUP displays a pop-up saying, "Please confirm you are human" and provides you with an OK button to confirm. We believe that it is important that you scan your system for possible threats after you delete Pracember because chances are this is the least of your worries.

As we have mentioned, this PUP simply changes your default search engine to So when you use the address bar of your Google Chrome browser to search the web, this questionable search engine will be triggered. This extension also makes sure that your homepage and new tab page do not have their default search box so that you would be forced to use the address bar. This again is a rather shady trick to push you into a corner; not that you could not type in or use any other search engine if you wanted. However, if you have got used to this Chrome feature, you would simply type away in the address bar and may not even realize that this useless search engine appears for a second before redirecting you to a Google search results page. Although, it seems that this page is not modified by this PUP, it could be merely a question of time that it starts to promote questionable third-parties through ads and links. Remember that clicking on unreliable content is always risky because you might drop infections onto your machine or open malicious pages on new tabs. This is why we advise you to remove Pracember from your PC.

If you use our guide below this report, you can easily get rid of this annoying PUP. Keep in mind that you can actually protect your computer if you stay away from shady websites (torrent, freeware, gaming, and gambling pages) and refrain from clicking on random ads. Also, it is strongly advisable that you update your programs and drivers frequently to limit the access to your system for cyber criminals. We recommend that, for the best protection, you install a reliable malware removal application, such as SpyHunter, or any other you find reputable enough to defend your precious PC.

How to remove Pracember from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Open the menu by pressing Alt+F.
  2. Pick More tools.
  3. Choose Extensions.
  4. Locate the Pracember extension and click on the Trash can icon on its right.
  5. In the pop-up, click Remove.
Download Remover for Pracember *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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