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Politia Romana Virus is computer infections, also known as a ransomware virus, which locks your computer’s system down and presents a false warning saying that the PC is paralyzed because you have violated some laws. According to the message, in order to unlock the PC, it is important to pay a fine on time; otherwise, some legal actions will be taken. The user may easily swallow the bait that the notification is real, because it contains the coat of arm of Romania and a faded flag, which creates an illusion that the Romanian police are dealing with the issue.

The credentials of a law enforcement agency, false accusations, and the demand for money are the most distinguishable characteristics of ransomware infections. These elements are also present in the messages of such Ukash viruses as Türk Polisi Virus, Europol Ransomware Virus, Norsk Politi Institutt for Cybercrime virus and other infections that paralyze computers and state that a particular sum of money has to be paid through Ukash. If Politia Romana Virus or any other Ukash infection is on your PC, it is important to remove it immediately.

One of the accusations presented by Policia Romana Virus is:

Articolul 274 – Dreptul de autor
Amendă sau inchisoare de pină la 4 ani
(Utilizarea sau propagarea fisierelor cu drept de autor – filme, software)

Pay no attention to what is said in the message, and remove Politia Romana Virus with a powerful spyware removal tool. Even if you are an advanced computer user, remove the infection automatically instead of trying to get rid of the infection on your own. An anti-spyware tool SpyHunter will eliminate every component of the infection, and the operating system will start running normally.

Please find our instructions on how to download SpyHunter to get rid of the virus:

Windows Vista/7:

1. Restart the PC.
2. Before the Windows logo appears, press the F8 button.
3. Use up/down arrow keys to navigate to Safe Mode with Networking.
4. Press Enter to confirm your selection.
5. Open your browser and go to http://www.411-spyware.com/download-sph to download SpyHunter.
6. After installing the program, immediately scan the system to detect and remove the infection.

Windows XP:

1. Restart the computer and hold the F8 key while the PC is rebooting.
2. Use arrow keys to move to Safe Mode with Networking and press the Enter key.
3. In case a new table asking you to confirm your selection appears, click on Yes.
4. Go to the Start menu.
5. Launch RUN.
6. Type “msconfig” in the box and press OK.
7. In System Configuration Utility, click on the Startup tab.
8. Select the Disable All button and press OK.
9. Download SpyHunter.
10. Restart the PC and let it reboot normally.
11. Install the program and run a system scan.

Download Remover for Politia Romana Virus *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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