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PointRoll is a browser cookie that might be used to track users and show them targeting advertising material. According to our specialists, the tracking cookie might be used on sizmek.com or other websites related to it. As the application’s developers claim, the tool does not gather any personal information that would help identify the user. Therefore, it is not considered to be malicious or threatening to the user’s privacy. Nonetheless, if you hate being tracked and do not want PointRoll to store any information related to your browsing habits you should not hesitate to eliminate it. Same as other cookies, it can be removed from the browser it settles in with no trouble. All you have to do is access particular settings of your browser and if you need any help while looking for them you should take a look at the instructions located at the end of this article.

Further in the text, we will present more details about this tracking cookie. For starters, let us explain where PointRoll might come from. As many other cookies, the tool could be placed on the system after visiting a site that uses it. Usually, such files are placed on the browser automatically, although many sites now warn users when cookies are being in use. Earlier, we mentioned the application could be encountered while visiting sizmek.com or other web pages related to it. Thus, in order to avoid it users should stay away from such sites or simply enable the feature on their browsers that could block tracking cookies and similar website data.

Based from the information we found on sizmek.com, it seems the company does not gather any personal information: “We do not collect any information that enables us to determine your actual identity," when visiting "(sizmek.com) or our regional sites accessible from this website.” The only situation when such data could be collected is if the user provides it voluntarily, for example, when contacting the websites developers. Nonetheless, even then it looks like the provided data would not be used for marketing purposes or shared with other parties. To be more accurate, when talking about private data usage, PointRoll creators explain that when such information is provided directly to them, it "is used by Sizmek solely for the purposes identified at the point you provide it.”

At this point you may wonder, what information might PointRoll gather if not personal user’s data? The answer is anonymous user information, such as links he clicks, ads he interacts with, search keywords, and so on. Such data can be used by the company or its third-party partners to bring the website’s visitors more relevant advertising content. Researchers do not consider such actions malicious, but if you hate the idea PointRoll could be tracking you could erase it. The instructions located below this paragraph will help you remove the unwanted tracking cookie manually. Do not forget you should enable the browser’s function that would block such content in the future, if you do not want to deal with tracking cookies again.

Get rid of PointRoll

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+X.
  2. Open Internet Options and select the General tab.
  3. Review the Browsing History section and press the Delete button.
  4. Select Cookies and website data.
  5. Press Delete.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the Open menu button.
  2. Access Privacy & Security.
  3. Go to Cookies and Site Data.
  4. Press Clear Data to erase all cookies.
  5. Choose Clear and press Clear again to confirm.

Google Chrome

  1. Click the Customize and control Google Chrome button.
  2. Go to Settings and slide below till you can choose Advanced.
  3. Pick Privacy and security and press Clear browsing data.
  4. Select Cookies and other site data and tap Clear data.


  1. Click Preferences located on the Safari menu.
  2. Open the Privacy tab and select Manage Website Data.
  3. Choose Remove All and press Remove Now.
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