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Do not rush to install OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar if you only trust the official promotion. At first glance, this potentially unwanted program (PUP) looks quite useful as it promises to provide you with directions and maps for free. However, if you look at things more carefully, you might realize that this is not the best application to use. In fact, you might decide to remove it altogether. Malware analysts working in our internal lab have recently conducted some tests to check out this seemingly useful toolbar, and we advise reading this report to learn more about the findings. If you decide to delete OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar from your operating system and browsers, you can find the guide posted below. After all, the worst thing that can happen is you will waste a few minutes learning about the application that is active on your operating system.

The first thing we have to mention is that OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar was created by the infamous Mindspark Interactive Network Inc., the same company that is responsible for DigiSmirkz Toolbar, Everyday Manuals Toolbar, and many other strange applications. All of them have unique download sites, and Chrome users can usually install them via the Chrome app store as well. The official download page for the toolbar we are discussing is This website introduces the toolbar as a tool that takes over the New Tab page, and so you are likely to expect this change. The first surprise might come to you when you try to install the extension, and you are asked to confirm homepage changes as well. Notably, only Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer users are pushed to replace their homepages. Obviously, if you do not want that, you should not install OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar at all. And if you feel like you might have been forced into agreeing to the changes, this might become a great motive to remove the suspicious application.

If you have expected OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar to provide you with maps, you might be disappointed to learn that it only displays links to sites where maps you need are located. Luckily, the PUP promotes Google Maps, Bing Maps, MapQuest, and other legitimate services. Nonetheless, if you have expected a different kind of service – more beneficial, to be precise – it is only natural if you choose to delete this toolbar. Another reason to consider the removal of OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar is the search tool. MyWay is the search tool that the PUP employs, and it shows search results that allegedly are enhanced by Google. If you wanted to use Google Search, you should do that instead of trusting some unfamiliar search tool that probably uses the name of the well-known search engine to make it appear less suspicious. Is it safe to interact with the links provided to you? Considering that many advertisements are shown via OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar, we do not recommend interacting with it. At least, be careful.

If you take all things into consideration, and your decision is to remove OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar, you have to decide whether you proceed manually or install anti-malware software. If you choose the first option, scan your PC with a legitimate malware scanner first to see if other infections are active. If they are, research them to see if you can get rid of them manually. If you cannot, you might turn to anti-malware software. Although it is the best at cleaning your operating system from existing threats, it has another great purpose: To protect your operating system in the future. Needless to say, we advise going with anti-malware tools. If you are sure that you want to delete existing threats and potentially unwanted programs manually, you can use the instructions below to get rid of the toolbar. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users need to eliminate add-ons, and Internet Explorer users need to uninstall an application called “OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar Internet Explorer Homepage and New Tab.”

How to delete OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch the browser and open Add-ons Manager by tapping Ctrl+Shift+A keys.
  2. In the Extensions menu Remove the undesirable add-on.

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch the browser, tap Alt+F, move to More tools, and click Extensions.
  2. Click the recycle bin icon next to the undesirable add-on and then select Remove.

Windows XP (for Internet Explorer):

  1. Click Start on the Taskbar and then open Control Panel.
  2. Move to Add or Remove Programs and then Remove the unwanted app.

Windows Vista/Windows 7 (for Internet Explorer):

  1. Click the Windows logo on the Taskbar and then open Control Panel.
  2. Move to the Uninstall a program menu and Uninstall the undesirable app.

Windows 8/Windows 10 (for Internet Explorer):

  1. Launch RUN (tap Win+R keys), then enter Control Panel, and click OK.
  2. Move to Uninstall a program, then right-click the unwanted app, and choose Uninstall.
Download Remover for OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar Screenshots:

OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar
OnlineRouteFinder Toolbar


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