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If you want to check different email accounts from one place, My Email Checker Tab is not the tool we recommend relying on. You can look into legitimate email clients that help manage different accounts using one single tool. Alternatively, you can bookmark the login pages of different email services and then enable the bookmarks bar to ensure that you have access to these pages from your browser’s homepage. Essentially, that is all that the suspicious extension can do anyway, and that is one reason why it is classified as a PUP, a potentially unwanted program. Can PUPs be trusted? They cannot, and we advise removing them immediately. The truth is that you should delete My Email Checker Tab not just because it is relatively useless. It is much more important to stop this strange application from recording data about you and sharing it with unknown advertisers, who use the integrated search tool to promote their services, products, and offers.

Some Google Chrome users might download My Email Checker Tab from unreliable sources. These are the sources that might offer file-sharing services for unreliable developers, such as Eightpoint Technologies, who created the PUP as well as Email Access Here, Your Search Tool, Find A Flight Pro, Breaking News Plus, and a ton of other suspicious extensions that we recommend removing for the same reasons. If you have downloaded the PUP along with other strange extensions or programs, scan your system using a trusted malware scanner immediately. If more serious threats are found, focus on their removal first, or better yet, install an automated anti-malware tool. If you downloaded the PUP from or, other threats should not exist, but the extension still is suspicious. As soon as it is installed, it can start collecting information about you, your browsing activity, and interaction with ads. If you find such behavior intrusive, you want to remove the PUP right away.

It is important for My Email Checker Tab to record information about your browsing activity because that might determine how well you interact with the sponsored content that is introduced to you via the PUP’s search tool. If you downloaded this extension, you already know that takes over the New Tab page and the default search provider on your Google Chrome browser. The interface of this website makes it look like a legitimate search engine. At the top, you can find links to Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and Google Mail login pages. In the center, you are introduced to a search box. We recommend avoiding it. You also should not search the web via the browser’s address bar. If you use My Email Checker Tab’s search tool, you are rerouted to Yahoo Search, where the results are modified by the PUP. These modifications are made based on your browsing history and activity, but even though the results might seem personalized, clicking them is dangerous because you do not know who placed them there. For all you know, the PUP could be exploited by schemers and malware distributors.

Is My Email Checker Tab worth the risk and the trouble? Most likely, you think that it is not, and if you do, you want to delete this potentially unwanted program immediately. That is what the experts in our research team recommend doing as well. You probably have deleted unwanted Google Chrome extensions in the past. If you have, removing My Email Checker Tab will be a piece of cake. If you need a reminder on how to eliminate unwanted extensions and clear browsing data, check out the guide below. As mentioned already, if other threats exist, employing automated anti-malware software is the best option. Not only can it erase existing threats, it also can enhance the overall protection. If you do not think you need any additional protection, think about what could have happened if you downloaded an allegedly legitimate email management tool that, in reality, hid dangerous malware? PUPs are best to remove, but there are plenty of other infections that can be more damaging, and you need protection against them all.

How to delete My Email Checker Tab from Google Chrome

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  3. Click the Remove button linked to the unwanted extension.
  4. Enter chrome://settings/ into the address bar.
  5. Click Clear browsing data under Privacy and security.
  6. Choose an appropriate time range.
  7. Select appropriate boxes.
  8. Click Clear data and then restart the browser.
Download Remover for My Email Checker Tab *
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My Email Checker Tab


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