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Before you decide whether Mute All Tabs is worth adding onto your browser, you should ask yourself which is more important: keeping the system safe or having an icon on the browser that allows to mute videos on multiple tabs. To begin with, users should know the plugin is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there is not enough information about Mute All Tabs or its creators to verify if it is safe to keep on the computer. Secondly, it is quite possible the PUP might be able to inject the user’s browser with advertisements originating from unknown sources. Needless to say, such ads could be potentially malicious, and if you do not wish to endanger the system or your privacy, it would be best not to click them. Provided, you do not think the application is worthy of your trust, we suggest you take a look at our recommended deletion steps after reading the report and remove this doubtful plugin.

There are three ways the application could be distributed: Mute All Tabs homepage (, Chrome Web Store (extension’s ID: mchgohapobpjfpbnocgciacjgmdmhclm), and bundled software installers. The PUP’s website and Chrome Web Store site offer the extension separately, so users who downloaded it from these two web pages without a doubt did it knowingly. However, if the plugin is distributed with bundled setup files, less attentive users could allow it to enter the system without realizing it. In such case, we would advise the user to be more cautious while reviewing terms on the setup wizard. Often, you can deselect unwanted suggestions and install only the main program, which seems to us is the safest choice. Having an antimalware tool on the system would also allow you to avoid suspicious threats alike or even malware as it can both warn the user and stop malicious processes.

There is not much to know about the application since its creators decided not to provide any information about Mute All Tabs. All it is said is that the extension can mute videos on all browser’s tabs by pausing all opened videos at once. If only Google Chrome did not automatically pause videos from web pages like until the user clicks the new tab the video is opened with, the tool would seem to be more useful, but since the browser has such a feature, we see no point in keeping this PUP installed. More so when it is quite possible, it could inject third-party advertising content while you are browsing the Internet. We cannot be one hundred percent sure of this, but given the application could be gathering information about your browsing habits or even personal data such behavior might be expected.

Our researchers fear that if the application would start displaying ads, it might appear they are not reviewed to verify their safety. It means they could come from third-parties that might seek to advertise potentially malicious content, e.g. malware, threats similar to the PUP, sites tricking users into submitting their private data or stealing such data, fake lottery and shopping web pages, and so on. In other words, the usage of Mute All Tabs could become risky, and if you would rather not put your system in danger, we advise you to delete this suspicious plugin before anything goes wrong.

Erasing Mute All Tabs from Google Chrome does not require any particular skills, and if you need any help, there are instructions located below this text to guide you through the process and let you remove it faster. Users who want not only to eliminate this PUP but also check the system and get rid of other potential threats, we would advise installing a reliable antimalware tool as it can help you complete both of these tasks without much effort.

Get rid of Mute All Tabs

  1. Open your Google Chrome.
  2. Click ALT+F at the same time.
  3. Navigate to Settings and go to More tools.
  4. Select Extensions and identify Mute All Tabs.
  5. Click the recycle bin button located new to it and select Remove.
  6. Close the browser and open it again to finish.
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Mute All Tabs
Mute All Tabs


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