Moba Ransomware Removal Guide

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Moba Ransomware is very sneaky and also very dangerous. Although it is not complex in its structure, this malware hits where it hurts the most – the personal files. If you have tons of photos and videos of memorable moments, as well as documents that are important for school or work, you might find yourself in a terrible situation if the threat invades your operating system. After your files are encrypted by it, you cannot read them, and that means that you basically cannot access them normally. Note that the “.moba” extension attached to the original names is just a mere marker, and there is no point in removing it. So, how are you supposed to read the files? The attackers want you to believe that you can employ their decryptor, but at the time of research, the only tool that actually offered proven decryption was the free STOP Decryptor. That being said, it could not decrypt everything. Hopefully, you can restore your files, but whatever the outcome is, you must delete Moba Ransomware.

Do you know how Moba Ransomware slithered into your operating system? If you do not, perhaps you remember opening a spam email attachment? Or do you remember downloading something new? Perhaps a strange pop-up showed up, and you clicked it? As we mentioned already, this malware is very sneaky, and it can use very sneaky methods of entrance. The same can be said about NYPD Ransomware, Pezi Ransomware, Nlah Ransomware, and all other threats from the STOP Ransomware family. They might have different names, but they are identical, and that is because they were created using the same template. The main task for these threats is to encrypt your personal files, and they can do that without any trouble, so long that your operating system is not protected and you do not remove the threat before it starts encrypting files. Unfortunately, this malware is quick, and it is likely to corrupt your files without you realizing it. There is one file that his malware drops as well, and it is called “_readme.txt.”

The .TXT file dropped by Moba Ransomware is meant to convince you that cybercriminals can help you. Needless to say, you should not expect solutions from those who create problems. The attackers built the infection just so that they could make money, and they are using a decryption tool to achieve that. The ransom note informs that you can obtain a working decryptor by paying $490. The attackers offer to decrypt one file for free just so that you could know that the decryptor works. That, however, proves nothing. Even if a decryptor exists, that does not mean that you will receive it after paying the ransom. In fact, we would be surprised to see cybercriminals doing the right thing. Because we do not believe that cybercriminals can do the right thing, we do not recommend emailing them to or either. This would just open more opportunities for them to scam or terrorize you. What you should focus on instead is the removal of Moba Ransomware.

Our team of ransomware researchers has created a manual removal guide to help you delete Moba Ransomware from your operating system. However, we cannot be sure that you will be able to locate and eliminate this malware all on your own. Perhaps this is not the kind of malware that you should be facing alone anyway. A trustworthy anti-malware program should have no trouble removing Moba Ransomware manually. On top of that, it should have no trouble guarding you or your operating system against malicious threats in the future. Windows security is extremely important because you never know what new infection could emerge and target your operating system. Regardless of how you choose to delete the threat, make sure that you start backing up all important files from no on. Do you already have backups? If you do, you can replace your corrupted files and forget about the infection.

How to delete Moba Ransomware

  1. Open File Explorer by tapping the combination of Windows+E keys.
  2. Type %HOMEDRIVE% into the field at the top and tap Enter.
  3. In the directory, find and Delete both _readme.txt and SystemID.
  4. Type %LOCALAPPDATA% into the field at the top and tap Enter.
  5. In the directory, Delete the folder whose name format is this: 0115174b-bd55-4caf-a89a-d8ff8132151f.
  6. Empty Recycle Bin and quickly run a system scan using a trusted malware scanner.
Download Remover for Moba Ransomware *
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