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Mediaplex is a browser cookie which you should remove from your PC as soon as you can. The reason why you have to do it is that it tracks your online habits so that the information collected can be used for malicious purposed. Generally, browser cookies are supposed to ease up Internet browsing as they store information about a website the user visits. However, in case of Mediaplex, it can be defined as a tracking cookie because in addition to the information about your online behavior, this tool can collect highly sensitive information. Malicious tracking cookies may be employed to collect usernames and passwords, credit card details, the user’s address and other identifiable information.

In case of Mediaplex tracking cookie, it enters the PC when the user visits a malicious website. Once in the PC, it records information about how much time you spend looking for a particular item or topic, what advertisements you click, what browsing tool you use, and so on. You may have no idea about the presence of Mediaplex as it does not show any signs. If a dangerous Trojan infection got to the computer along with the cookie, you may notice something suspicious, depending on the characteristics of the threat.

If you do not want third-party companies to use your personal and identifiable information for advertising or other purposes, the removal of Mediaplex is a must. The easiest way to delete the tracking cookie is by using a reliable spyware removal tool. Even if you get rid of this piece of malware, it will not suffice to shield your PC from similar or even more dangerous instances. In any case, highly professional protection is recommended, so we advise you to use to use our anti-malware tool SpyHunter. It will remove the cookie and protect the computer against malware attacks.

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