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Manuals Aid seems to be a browser extension and a potentially unwanted program. The application was placed in such a category because of its behavior. To be more precise, it was noticed that the application could gather information about a user’s browsing habits. It is understandable that some users might feel like it is unnecessary for an application that provides links to other websites and a search engine to track them. Plus, the data available on browsing history might be private to some users. If you do not want to be tracked by a potentially unwanted program, you could get rid of it. To make it easier for you, we have prepared the deletion instructions located below that show how to remove Manuals Aid through your browser’s settings. To learn more about it, we invite you to read the rest of this article.

Applications like Manuals Aid are often spread through files-sharing websites and pop-up ads. For this reason, our specialists recommend downloading tools only from reliable sources. Of course, you should always research tools that you are interested in before you download them if you do not want to end up installing questionable or potentially dangerous applications. The most important things to check are whether your chosen tool comes from a reputable developer, and if it does not have any negative expert or user reviews. Positive reviews can help you to determine if a tool is useful and reliable as well, but it can be difficult to tell if the reviews you find are genuine. Potentially unwanted programs often have fake reviews, which might claim that the tool is perfect and very beneficial. Thus, if you come across a review that seems overly positive, we advise finding out whether it is genuine.

According to Manuals Aid description the application provides links to websites that can offer manuals of various electronic devices and more. Such links could seem useful if you ever need manual instructions. However, you should ask yourself if you need such information constantly and if it not just as easy to find it on the Internet, by typing your devices model with a word manual in your preferred search engines search box. As you see, if you install Manuals Aid, the extension might change your default search engine, new tab page, and homepage with one website called This website might provide a search box, but after you enter a keyword, you might get redirected to You might wonder why the application does not replace your default search engine or new tab page with the Yahoo search engine in the first place.

Truth to be told, presenting links to other websites and a search engine that redirects to is not the only thing that Manuals Aid can do. As mentioned earlier, the potentially unwanted program could also track you by viewing your browsing history. According to the tool’s Privacy Policy document, one of the uses for gathered browsing history could be to “Enable service providers and us to serve relevant content and advertising.” The document also says that the application could ask you to allow it to show notifications so it is possible that the potentially unwanted program could display targeted ads through “browser push notifications.” If you do not want to risk encountering such content and do not think the extension is worth it, you could erase Manuals Aid.

To delete Manuals Aid manually, you could follow the instructions located below. They can show you, how to erase he unwanted extension from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome step by step. The other way to eliminate Manuals Aid is to get a reliable antimalware tool that could delete it for you.

Get rid of Manuals Aid

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click CTRL+SHIFT+A at the same time.
  2. Navigate to Extensions.
  3. Look for Manuals Aid.
  4. Click the three-dotted button and select Remove.
  5. Restart the browser.

Google Chrome

  1. Tap ALT+F.
  2. Select More tools and choose Extensions.
  3. Find the potentially unwanted program.
  4. Select Remove and confirm if asked.
  5. Restart the browser.
Download Remover for Manuals Aid *
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