Mal/Generic-L Removal Guide

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Mal/Generic-L is a Trojan infection that enters your system in stealth usually bundled with freeware applications that you download from third party. It only shows that you should download software only from official websites; otherwise there is a high chance that you will be infected with such dangerous threats as Mal/Generic-L. The most annoying thing about this Trojan is that it does not manifest itself in any mean, but it opens several backdoors and allows other computer infections to enter your system, compromising the PC even further. Therefore, to save your system, you need to remove Mal/Generic-L as soon as possible.

Since this Trojan infection is hard to detect with a naked eye, you should perform regular system scans with SpyHunter free scanner. A legitimate antimalware tool will detect Mal/Generic-L in no time, and the infection will not be able to fool you into thinking that nothing is wrong. For example, this Trojan can hide from you quite well, because it may inject its code into legitimate system processes such as svchost.exe. As such, even if you find this file in your Task Manager, you may not realize that this is the impostor and not the real process file. However, if you want to figure it out yourself, you can check the location of the file. The original svchost.exe is located in C:\Windows\System32 directory, but if the file running in Task Manager is not, then you are definitely infected with Mal/Generic-L or any other malware.

This Trojan will try to disable your Firewall and a number of other built-in security utilities in order to make your system vulnerable against outside attacks. It can also connect to remote servers and allow cyber criminals to monitor your computer and even steal important sensitive data (including banking logins and passwords, credit card numbers and so on). Also, since this is a generic detection, it has quite a few aliases as well. For example, depending on an antivirus program, Mal/Generic-L may be detected as W32/PatchLoad, PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!R, Infostealer.Banker.C etc.

Whichever version you may be infected with, it is important that you remove Mal/Generic-L immediately; otherwise you will experience serious consequences of this infection. Do not hesitate to invest in a powerful computer security tool that will terminate Mal/Generic-L for you automatically. Keep in mind that a computer security program of choice will also help you to safeguard your system in the future.

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