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You certainly do not want lollipop.exe running on your computer because this malicious file represents one of the many malicious programs which may endanger your virtual security. It appears that the malign executable could be utilized by Trojans, exploit kits and even rogue anti-spyware programs. Overall, if you notice it running on the computer, there is no doubt that other dangerous components are corrupting your personal computer as well. Depending on the infection to which the file belongs to, you may face it in various different sizes, starting with 159.796K and ending with 3.04M, or even larger. If you wish to learn more about the infection and lollipop.exe removal – continue reading.

The most common location for the devious lollipop.exe is %LOCALAPPDATA%\Lollipop, and this name represents and authentic file of PowerOffer. Note that the original file is found under C:\Documents and Settings, and if you do not want to jeopardize the application, you should be extremely cautious with any manual removal operations. The malicious executable can circumvent the detection of existing security tools and it is added to the system‘s startup to initiate malignant activity right when you turn on the computer. This may help Vista Defender 2013, Trojan.Reveton.Q, Exploit:Java/CVE-2013-0422 and a number of other devious programs to jeopardize your Windows system.

If you want to delete lollipop.exe from the operating Windows system, you firstly need to weigh your technical skills and experience. Since the malicious executable may belong to a group of dangerous files, you need to know how to detect and remove all of them. Needless to say, the manual removal task is complicated and demands time and knowledge. If you are not ready for this, please install automatic spyware detection and removal software to remove lollipop.exe. Note that only reliable security software will delete malware and ensure that the system is guarded against future schemers’ attacks.

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