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Loadingdata.site is an irritating potentially unwanted program (PUP) that has qualities of adware and browser hijackers. It is important to mention that so far it seems to be working only on MAC computers. Most of the users who report about it are saying the application is disturbing their browsing while using Safari. Nonetheless, just to be safe, at the end of this article, we will add our recommended removal instructions explaining how to reset Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome too. As you see resetting the browser should eliminate Loadingdata.site. However, if it does not, it is strongly advisable to check recently installed software and get rid of all suspicious applications that could be related to the PUP. The reason we suggest erasing it is that it might lead you to potentially harmful web pages and if you want to learn more about the risks related to it we invite you to read our full report.

Like many other PUPs, Loadingdata.site could be spread with bundled software installers, suspicious pop-up ads, and so on. For example, users might receive it while installing untrustworthy extensions or toolbars, adware, browser hijackers, etc. Meaning, taking some extra precautions could help you avoid getting unreliable applications.T he next time you decide to install anything it would be wisest to ensure the chosen tool is worthy of your trust first. Next step would be to find a reliable source for downloading the selected software’s installer. Keep it in mind, torrent and other similar sites are usually bad choices as there is a chance the setup files they provide might be bundled with potentially malicious programs. The last tip we could give you would be to pay attention to the installation process and uncheck the suggestions you do not want or cancel the process if any of the conditions raises a suspicion.

Moreover, if the PUP gets in it might make the user’s default browser open new tabs and load Loadingdata.site, which could display third-party advertisements. Knowing the application is unreliable it would not be a surprise if the ads would originate from potentially malicious web pages. Of course, we cannot be one hundred percent about it, since the content you could be seeing might differ from the one shown to users who like in different country or region. To provide a few examples, the third-party ads may invite you to gamble, claim you are a winner of some fake lottery, ask to update the tools you might have installed, suggest installing other PUPs or even malware, and so on. Clearly, if you care about your computer’s safety, it would be smart to avoid such content or better yet get rid of the application that could be responsible for showing it.

As we said earlier, Loadingdata.site could be erased by resetting the browser it might be using to show third-party ads. No need to panic if you do not know where to start since our recommended removal instructions located a bit below will guide you through the PUP’s deletion process. Lastly, if Loadingdata.site comes back, keep it in mind it might be a signal that there are more unreliable software on the computer and could be the best time to clean up the system.

Remove Loadingdata.site


  1. Go to Safari menu (through the toolbar located on top of the screen).
  2. Press Clear History, pick the period you like and choose Clear History.
  3. Come back to Safari menu and pick Preferences.
  4. Select the Advanced tab.
  5. Pick Show Develop menu in menu bar.
  6. Go to Develop menu and click Empty Caches.
  7. Then delete untrustworthy extensions by opening Preferences and selecting Extensions.
  8. Review the provided list of add-ons, select the ones that look potentially dangerous to you and erase or disable them.
  9. Go to Security and uncheck an option called Allow Plug-ins.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press the Help icon.
  2. Select Troubleshooting information.
  3. Click Refresh Firefox.
  4. Press Refresh Firefox again.
  5. Choose Finish.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Slide down and click on Advanced.
  4. Scroll down again to select Reset.
  5. Press the Reset button.
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