JS/Nemucod.L Removal Guide

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If you don’t remove JS/Nemucod.L from your computer immediately, you can be sure that you will be soon infected with multiple malware applications that will cause an ultimate system crash. Not to mention that nowadays malware aims for your money, so if you want to protect your system and your financial stability, you need to delete JS/Nemucod.L ASAP. This Trojan downloader will enter your system stealthily and will remain there silent for an indefinite amount of time, but you will sure notice that something is off when the program will hog your bandwidth and download more dangerous applications.

Since JS/Nemucod.L is a Trojan, it means that the application enters your computer posing as something else. The installer file might be hiding behind an image file in a spam email attachment, or it could be embedded in a pop-up on some adware-related website. Seeing how JS/Nemucod.L has the “JS” in its name, we can also say that during the installation a vulnerable Javascript is executed in order for this infection to enter your system. It could mean that the Trojan makes use of a fake update pop-up or any other notification that looks like a software upgrade. This means that keeping your software up-to-date would surely decrease the possibility of getting infected with JS/Nemucod.L.

Trojans are not as explicit as rogue or ransomware infections, so quite often users are not aware of the fact they are already infected with JS/Nemucod.L and similar programs. Not to mention that this Trojan downloader works in the system background by connecting to a remote server behind your back and uploading and downloading various system data. Security experts suggest that connects to davis1.ru through port 80 to download and run various files that include updates and other malware. The infection may also receive configuration and other data, as well as further instructions from a malicious hacker. On top of that, JS/Nemucod.L can collect information about your system and upload it to the said remote server.

It is obvious that you need to delete JS/Nemucod.L at once, but how to know you are infected? For one, your computer will operate slower than usual, and you can expect your Internet connection to slow down as well. Also, you can check your Temporary files directory for 1246549.exe and 2865241.exe files that are created by the Trojan upon the installation. Finally, the best way to see whether you are infected or not is to run a full system scan with a licensed antispyware tool.

A computer security tool should also help you remove JS/Nemucod.L for good. You should not attempt manual removal unless you are an experienced computer user, and you have worked with the Registry Editor before. Simple delete JS/Nemucod.L automatically and protect your PC from harm.

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