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Sometimes applications that may seem useful can actually cause more damage than do any good. For example, Chrome Helper sounds like an application that should improve Google Chrome browser’s functionality, but in reality this application generates pop-ups that interfere with your web browsing process and expose you to potentially harmful content. It is unfortunate that users are often tricked into installing applications related to pop-ups, but you can terminate them on your own in order to remove for good. A full computer system scan may also help you to determine whether you have any potentially unwanted programs on board.

As of now, is known to affect Google Chrome browser only. However, just because a full security research did not detect any third party installers that would distribute Chrome Helper around, it does not mean that it cannot affect other browsers as well. Users may not know that an application called Chrome Helper is responsible for pop-ups, because it does not have any entry on the list of the installed programs in Control Panel. Not to mention that the names – Chrome Helper and do not seem to have anything in common.

However, you can find Chrome Helper on the list of currently running processes if you open Windows Task Manager. The application has two services running. One of them is responsible for Chrome Helper updates, but the other one generates notifications and pop-ups. For the most part, you should not get exposed to dangerous content that easily, because Google Chrome is very serious about protecting its users – most of the time pop-ups are labeled as potential phishing scams and you are asked whether you really want to proceed to the website.

It is actually possible to download Chrome Helper directly at, but we cannot rule out the possibility that the link might be embedded in a variety of adware pop-ups throughout the web. It just shows that you have to be careful when you browse the Internet, in order to avoid and other similar adware servers and applications.

With application installed on your computer, it connects to the internet without your permission and shows commercial adverts. is known to connect to and websites to generate the content for its pop-ups. No matter what kind of content is embedded in the advertisements, you should never click them, because you might end up being redirected to dangerous third party websites.

We provide manual removal instructions for Chrome Helper and below. Take note that you need to access Program Files directory to get rid of this application. After manual removal, scan the system with SpyHunter free scanner just to make sure that you have no other potentially unwanted and perhaps even dangerous applications installed on your PC. Do leave us a comment if you need any assistance with removal.

How to remove

  1. Open Start menu and go to My Computer.
  2. Double-click Local Disk (C:) and then select Program Files.
  3. Access Common Files folder and open ChromeHelper.
  4. Run uninst.exe file and follow the uninstall steps.
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