Invisible Keylogger 97 Removal Guide

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It takes very little for a legitimate program to become a cyber criminal tool. Invisible Keylogger 97 is a good example of this situation. The program is a legitimate keylogger for Windows 95 and Windows 98 that allows users to track and review keystrokes made on their computers. All the data recorded by Invisible Keylogger 97 is gathered into a binary file, which is later on converted into a text file for a user to read. However, if this keylogger program is exploited by cyber criminals, then all the important data that you input through your keyboard can be sent over to hackers. In the long run, even your banking logins and passwords can be stolen from you. That is why you have to remove Invisible Keylogger 97 from your computer right now.

In order to see whether you have this program on your PC or not, look for “ik” process in Task Manager’s running processes list. Otherwise it is almost impossible to tell you are infected with Invisible Keylogger 97 – this program takes up little to none of the system resources. Such features enable the keylogger to run behind your back for a long period of time. What is more, the program is configured to load automatically with each Windows start. Also, if your system is infected with Invisible Keylogger 97 you have to consider the possibility that your system is infected with other types of malware as well. This keylogger cannot spreads on its own accord, so it needs some kind of a distribution vehicle to arrive at your system. Hence – other malicious infections.

To avoid data and identity theft you are strongly advised to perform regular system check-ups with SpyHunter free scanner. The free system scan will detect any unwanted files and applications. Remove Invisible Keylogger 97 from your system with an automated malware removal tool and do not hesitate to invest in a reliable antimalware application that will protect your system from cunning threats.

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