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Internet Security Plus is a rogue infection or fake antivirus program that tries to pass for a legitimate computer safeguard application in order to steal your money. It comes from the same group of computer malware as Internet Security 2014, Privacy Protection, Internet Security Pro and others. Thus, it is important that you remove Internet Security Plus from your computer the moment you notice the infection. Since this is not a Trojan, the fake AV can only hack into your bank account if you give away your credit card credentials yourself, so you need to protect your financial information and give away nothing.

The reason why some users think that Internet Security Plus is a legitimate antivirus program is the fact that it looks and behaves like one. Once it gets onto your PC, the rogue runs a fake system scan, detecting a variety of “infections”. You have to understand that the list of detections that Internet Security Plus presents is fake. It is devised in order to make you think that your computer is severely infected with malware. However, the main infection that you have to treat is none the other, but Internet Security Plus itself.

The longer this rogue remains in your system, the slower your PC becomes. You will be flooded with fake security notifications, urging you to purchase the license for this infection.

Internet Security has found useless and UNWANTED files on your computer!
Information on removal
Potentially dangerous files were found on your system during the last scan!
It is strongly recommended that you remove them immediately

Security Warning!
Malicious program has been detected.
Click here to protect your computer.

Were you to do as told, you would reveal your credit card number and other personal information to cyber criminals. This is how they get a hold of the information that allows them to steal money from computer users. Close Internet Security Plus right now and do not even think of purchasing it!

You can cancel the infection symptoms by activating the rogue. Simply use this key to activate the program:


Once Internet Security Plus is activated, it will stop displaying the fake notifications for a time being. Before this rogue manages to cause any more harm, you have to invest in powerful antimalware tool and remove it for good. It is possible to terminate the infection manually as well, but that is not highly recommended unless you are an experienced computer user. What is more, if you acquire a reliable computer security program, you will be able to protect your PC from similar infections in the future as well.

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