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Even though this program looks like a good piece of software, do not be fooled by its attractive façade. Internet Antivirus is a dangerous rogue antispyware application that will rip you off in no time if you pay no heed to this infection. Even though its title might lead you to thinking that this program should secure your internet connection and protect you from various malware while you browse the web, Internet Antivirus is a menace in itself and it must be removed from your computer immediately without further ado.

Internet Antivirus infects your computer using a Trojan infection. There might be a Trojan residing in your computer already, prior to the rogue’s infection. Some Trojans are created the way that they can connect to a remote server and download other types of malware onto your system without you even knowing it. Internet Antivirus can easily enter your computer like that without your knowledge or consent. That is why you need to keep your antivirus system updated or perform regular system scans with a reliable antimalware tool of your choice.

Once installed Internet Antivirus will perform a fake system scan, trying to scare you into believing that you have multiple numbers of malware infecting your computer. It will also bombard you with a number of fake security alert notifications. All of them will urge you to update or active antivirus program to protect your system. The antivirus program in question is none the other than Internet Antivirus. Activation would include you paying for the full version of the program, and that way you would expose your credit card number and other banking information to cyber criminals.

It is more than obvious that it is NOT the course of action you should take. You must remove Internet Antivirus from your system as soon as possible. Use this code to “register” program and consequently make the removal easier:


If you click on the Help icon in Internet Antivirus interface, you should see a Register Now button. Then enter this serial code and activate product key. With Internet Antivirus “activated”, it is a lot easier to get rid of the rogue. If you do now know how to delete all of the files associated with this program manually, resort to using a legitimate antispyware tool that will intercept all the rogue’s components and delete Internet Antivirus smoothly and efficiently for you.

Download Remover for Internet Antivirus *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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