'I'm a programmer who cracked your email account' Scam Removal Guide

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In this article, we discuss the so-called 'I'm a programmer who cracked your email account' Scam. Such scams are called sextortion scams since their victims receive messages claiming they were caught while watching adult content. The hackers behind such scams demand their victims to pay for their silence. Sadly, users unaware of such fraudulent schemes might end up wasting hundreds of US dollars. Our specialists confirmed there was already money in the cybercriminals’ Bitcoin wallet when they started researching it. The truth is that people behind such threats are just pretending to have discreditable information so they could blackmail their victims. Thus, our specialists say, users who encounter the 'I'm a programmer who cracked your email account' Scam should ignore its messages. Further, in the text, we discuss the scam in more detail and provide tips on how to avoid getting into the scammers' radar.

First of all, it is crucial to know how messages related to the 'I'm a programmer who cracked your email account' Scam reach their victims. While the hackers may claim they were able to hack into a victim’s computer and his email, it is not true. Our specialists say it is more likely that the cybercriminals bought victims’ emails on the dark web or obtained them during a data breach.

Thus, to avoid getting caught in such scams, we highly recommend being careful when giving out your email address. Make sure you do not share it on unreliable websites, for example, for a chance to win some lottery. Many cybersecurity specialists recommend having an email that you could submit every time you are not sure it is safe to do so. Of course, it would be best if the email account's name did not mention your name or anything else that hackers might find useful. Also, it is crucial to have a unique password that would be different from all your other passcodes.

Hackers behind this sextortion scam should send an email claiming they hacked a victim’s computer and his email a half year ago. Also, the 'I'm a programmer who cracked your email account' Scam email might say cybercriminals were able to do screenshots of the adult content the user was viewing as well as camera shots of the user himself. Naturally, those who do watch adult content might get horrified by the thought of how much sensitive information the scammers might have about them. As for users who do not watch such content, some of them might start doubting whether they have not visited adult sites accidentally or if it could have been someone else using their computer.

After all, six months is a long-time period, and some users might feel unsure. This doubt might be enough to convince some users that paying a ransom of 800-900 US dollars is better than risking getting embarrassed. As you see, the 'I'm a programmer who cracked your email account' Scam email should claim the hackers were able to collect email addresses and other contact information of the victim’s friends, family, business associates, etc. No doubt, if the hackers actually had the screenshots and pictures they might claim to have, it could cause a lot of trouble if they shared it with anyone. Nonetheless, in such situations, it is best not to panic and rush into anything.

Our specialists say users who receive the 'I'm a programmer who cracked your email account' Scam emails should ignore them. Of course, if your email account’s password is weak, it would be a smart move to change it, just in case if hackers try to hack it for real. Lastly, we recommend being more protecting about your email address and not sharing it unless if it is necessary.

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