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Heartbleed is an exploit bug which is also known as the CVE-2014-0160 vulnerability. You may have already received an email urging you to change the passwords of some of your virtual accounts because of this malicious bug. As our researchers have discovered, the threat has affected Amazon Web Services, Reddit, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Wikimedia, other popular websites and less popular but more vulnerable sources, including sites related to pornographic content. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use authentic security software to delete Heartbleed or protect your virtual accounts. Continue reading to learn what you can do about the clandestine exploit and your own virtual protection.

The clandestine Heartbleed bug can power encryption across the Internet using the OpenSSL, an open source library which is the most popular cryptographic library and transport-layer-security (TLS) tool used to encrypt web traffic. Unfortunately, since the open source is used by many service providers and login appliances which use OpenSSL to secure login data, it is possible that multiple logins of your virtual accounts will be leaked. Needless to say, Heartbleed is used to access the leaked information and hijack the appropriate accounts. What is more, the bug could even be used to decrypt web traffic and to mimic certain web services.

It has been discovered that Heartbleed can allow virtually anyone to access the information protected via the OpenSSL open source. Due to this, multiple attackers can breach the security of multiple accounts. Needless to say, the reputable companies, including Tumblr or Amazon, have already taken the appropriate measures to fix the vulnerability by updating the OpenSSL certificate. Despite this, the passwords, user names and other login information of email, IM (instant messaging), and other virtual accounts which have been leaked could be abused. Due to this, the first thing you should do right now is check for fixes and change the passwords of your most vulnerable accounts. Virtual security experts recommend that you change login data on a regular basis in order to ensure that your virtual security is not breached.

It is up to operating system creators and service providers to fix the Heartbleed vulnerability. However, you need to take a few security steps as well. First of all, you have to change the passwords of sensitive accounts as soon as the fix for the vulnerability is issued. Secondly, you need to realize that the web is filled with other security vulnerabilities which may lead to virtual security risks. Install automatic malware removal software to protect the system and to delete malware which can be controlled by authentic security applications.

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