GOZI Trojan Removal Guide

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If your operating Windows system is infected with the GOZI Trojan, you might not notice any notable disturbances or symptoms. This is because the infection is capable of extremely surreptitious running that helps schemers utilize your computer in any way wanted without any of your knowledge or authorization. Nonetheless, to start understanding how the infection works and acts, you firstly need to recognize its potential infiltration channels. It has been found out that the infection uses IE and Mozilla Firefox security vulnerabilities to breach one’s system. Even though it might seem that what comes from the Internet is highly uncontrollable, reliable malware detection tools would not let the malignant Trojan through to your computer. However, if the infection is already in, this article will help you recognize the danger this application could bring and will explain how to have GOZI Trojan removed.

GOZI Trojan was created for confidential data theft, in particular that of online banking, because no cyber criminal would create a deceptive application like this one if it was not for the sake of illegal financial profiting. Even though online banking accounts are protected by SSL protocols, this will not be an obstacle for malicious schemers who have been noticed to overcome this seemingly reliable barrier. What is more, schemers have also been reported to use simulated login pages interfaces, which could fool you into typing in sensitive usernames and passwords without realizing that these sources are fake. This is not all, and if schemers failed with these two tasks, the malignant files, which is what the Trojan is built from, could be employed to intercept the Registry and inject codes capable of mouse click and keystroke logging. As a matter of fact, this is one of the easiest methods for schemers to acquire your login details and corrupt your online accounts.

The treacherous GOZI Trojan has been active since 2007 and since then it was capacitated with an ability to encrypt or remove portions of its code so that even active malware removal tools would not be able to detect and delete its malignant components. This is the main reason why you will not be able to remove GOZI Trojan manually and why you need to employ powerful, up-to-date, automatic removal tools to assist you with this complex operation. We recommend installing SpyHunter, which will guard your operating Windows system long after the Trojan is deleted.

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