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You need to secure your Windows operating system against Godzilla Loader because this dangerous Trojan can open the door for all kinds of malware. This infection is classified as a Trojan, and it works as a downloader. That means that once it slithers in silently, it can download other threats from a remote server without the victim’s notice. The Trojan itself does not contain malicious payloads, and it relies on the connection to remote servers to drop them onto the infected computer. At this time, the malicious infection is a threat for Windows users, and so they are the ones who need to secure their operating systems. Basic security tools might fail to protect against this malware because it is capable of evading detection and automatic removal. You want to install trustworthy and up-to-date software to secure your system. It is just as important that you learn more about malware yourself. If you continue reading, you will learn how to delete Godzilla Loader, as well as how to evade this malware in the future.

Malware downloaders are very popular. Godzilla Loader is definitely not the first or last one, and, in fact, it is not even the most dangerous one. Cyber criminals can purchase it from the Dark Web for 500 US Dollars, which is not a lot for a working malware dropper. Our research team informs that the developer of Godzilla Loader is still building it, and so it is likely to transform and evolve. That being said, it is powerful enough to perform the most important task, which is to drop malicious threats. Since the Trojan does not carry malicious payload, it has to download it from the web, and which threats are dropped depends on the person using the dropper. Of course, considering that ransomware is, without a doubt, most popular right now, that is the malware we are likely to see the Trojan downloading onto the system’s of unsuspecting Windows users. Ransomware can be extremely destructive because, in most cases, it permanently encrypts personal files. To learn more about specific ransomware infections, use the removal guides that are already available on our website.

Did you know that Godzilla Loader is not only a malware dropper but also a successful keylogger? Our research team warns that this threat could, potentially, record the victims’ keystrokes to gather extremely sensitive information. Keyloggers can help cyber criminals steal password and, eventually, hijack vulnerable accounts. This is extremely dangerous for the users’ virtual security. Of course, the devious Godzilla Loader could download other keyloggers, other types of spyware, or even additional Trojans, and they could be extremely devastating too. When the loader drops malware, it is meant to delete itself, and if it does not leave a trace behind, you might not know it existed at all. In some cases, the threat has executables in the %PROGRAMFILES% directory, and there is always a possibility that something could go wrong. Therefore, even though it might be more important to research and remove active threats, you must not forget to scan your system for the leftovers of the malicious loader too.

Godzilla Loader is most likely to spread using misleading spam/phishing emails. If the message tricks you into executing the Trojan – which could happen when you click a link or an attached file – the attack might start without you even realizing it. Without a doubt, you need to stay away from suspicious emails from now on. What about the emails from your friends, family, or colleagues? These could be malicious too if the attackers, for example, infiltrate the dropper, use it to record passwords, and then take over their email accounts. Basically, before opening files or clicking on links, you want to think if things are not out of the ordinary. If, for example, someone you do not communicate much with sends you a strange message with a strange file attached to it, you do not want to be careless.

As mentioned previously, securing the Windows operating system with the help of reliable anti-malware software is very important, and so we suggest installing it now. This software will automatically remove Godzilla Loader and the infections downloaded by this Trojan, and you will not need to worry about handling things on your own, manually.

How to delete Godzilla Loader

  1. Delete recently downloaded suspicious files.
  2. Tap Win+E to launch Explorer and enter %PROGRAMFILES% into the bar at the top.
  3. Delete the malicious .exe files that the Trojan might have dropped.
  4. Install and run a legitimate malware scanner to see which other threats must be removed.
Download Remover for Godzilla Loader *
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