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Fake Flash Player Ads is an adware application that causes havoc on various browsers. It could be found via Google Docs and in the beginning it could affect all the main browsers, but lately Apple revoked the certificate for Flash Player extension (that recognized the fake app) and so Safari is no longer affected by this adware. If you are experience constant pop-ups that urge you to visit websites that contain pornographic content, you are most probably infected with the fake flash player, and so you need to remove Fake Flash Player Ads from your PC in order to get rid of these annoying infection symptoms.

Users get infected with Fake Flash Player Ads, because the installation file for this adware looks very much like the file for the official version of Flash Player 11. However, once you install this app, you will be flooded with pornographic advertisements immediately. Even if you access children-safe websites, Fake Flash Player Ads, will get through the safety filter in order to display potentially disturbing ads. It does not matter what kind of website you open, you will most definitely be displayed pop-up and built-in ads with adult content.

If you click on any of the ads you will probably be redirected to pornography websites that are related to malware distribution. Therefore, Fake Flash Player Ads may not be a dangerous infection, but you choose to follow its ads, you could get exposed to malware.

As it has been mentioned above, Fake Flash Player Ads no longer works on Safari, but it is still affecting Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. As for Internet Explorer, Fake Flash Player Ads did not seem to work on the browser from the very beginning. Although this adware application often displays adult content pop-up ads, it can also make use of such ad networks as traveling-guide-online.com, adserver.adtechus.com, jmp.clickbooth.com and many others.

The bottom line is that your system is not safe with Fake Flash Player Ads on board and you must remove it immediately. It is possible to delete Fake Flash Player Ads manually from your browser, but even after manual removal you should run a full PC scan with SpyHunter free scanner, because there could be other dangerous infections lurking in the background of your system.

Manual Fake Flash Player Ads Removal

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+A and Add-ons manager tab will open.
  2. Remove Flash Player 11 from Extensions and restart your browser.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and click Tools.
  2. Go to Extensions and remove Flash Player 11.

Should you have any questions about how to remove Fake Flash Player Ads, leave a comment below.

Download Remover for Fake Flash Player Ads *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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Fake Flash Player Ads
Fake Flash Player Ads


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