Facebook Stalker Virus Removal Guide

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Do you know how to avoid phishing scams on Facebook? Well, first of all, you need to steer clear from such fraudulent applications as Facebook Stalker Virus. This application may appear like a useful Facebook add-on that allows you to keep track of who visits your profile, photos, timeline and so on. Nevertheless, Facebook Stalker Virus cannot provide you with such service, because it has not been developed for that. Unless you get rid of Facebook Stalker Virus, the scam will access your personal information and share it with third parties, thus successfully leaking your personal data.

You have to remember that Facebook Stalker Virus is part of Facebook Virus group, which means the infection takes place within the social network itself, and it does not exist in your computer system. However, that does not imply that your PC is absolutely safe from getting infected with malware. There are many ways for malware infections to enter target computers, so in order to protect yourself from dangerous infections, you should run regular system scans with SpyHunter free scanner and then invest in a powerful antimalware tool if need be.

With that part of the security having been taken care of, you need to make sure your Facebook profile is safe too. If you are seeing Facebook stalker app promotions on your feedback timeline, simply ignore it. You can also inform Facebook Help center about annoying commercial ads, but if you do not click Facebook Stalker Virus app, you will not get infected with it.

Nevertheless, in case you have clicked the app, you allowed Facebook Stalker Virus to get access to your private data. It means that it may leak your private information to third parties, and your identity could be stolen to perform various illegal activities. Usually, people who get infected with Facebook Stalker Virus are redirected to FBStalker26.com where you are urged to login into your Facebook account. This website looks like your average Facebook login page, but this is where users give away their personal login information to cyber criminals.

You need to change your Facebook password immediately, and then inform Facebook Help center about the possible security breach. Also, if you are not sure of which apps are reliable, go to your Facebook privacy settings and disable all the unknown or unnecessary apps. Be careful when you allow new apps to access your data, because you can never known which new application is related to dangerous scams.

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