Facebook Message Virus Removal Guide

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If you are receiving odd messages from your friends on Facebook with external links or video, better check with your friends before click anything, because you may have been infected with Facebook Message Virus. This infection has been created to steal passwords and hijack Facebook accounts. According to various sources, it has already affected more than 800,000 people. The infection can hijack not only your Facebook account but your browser as well, especially if it has add-ons that can get exploited by the infection. You are strongly recommended to scan your computer RIGHT NOW with a powerful computer security application in order to make sure that you are not infected with malware.

It goes without saying that you need to remove Facebook Message Virus from your computer as well, and that can also be performed by a legal computer security tool. The most important thing is to avoid clicking the links on spam messages you supposedly received from your friends. Be careful opening links to posts where you have been tagged automatically. Facebook Message Virus appears as a message that offers you to watch a video, but you also get a message that says the video is impossible, and you must download a codec that will allow you to watch the aforementioned video.

Unfortunately, this is where Facebook Message Virus gets ugly. If you download and install the said codec, the malicious application infects your browser and if you store information on your accounts and passwords on it, the infection gets a hold of this data. It means that if you save your logins and passwords on your browser, and Facebook Message Virus gets into your computer, cyber criminals can easily steal this information. This enables them to steal your identity and hijack your personal accounts. Worse – depending on what kind of information is stored on your browser, Facebook Message Virus may affect even your finances!

Some of the extensions on your browser may allow Facebook Message Virus to enter your PC, and as of now Google Chrome has disabled all the unreliable extensions already. Nevertheless, you should run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner to determine whether you have any potentially dangerous plugins installed. Then invest in a powerful computer security program to remove Facebook Message Virus from your PC. Consequently, make sure that your system is safeguarded against similar infections, and do not click on outgoing links automatically. Think before you do it, because there may be a dangerous infection lurking behind it!

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