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Our researchers have identified DropDrans as a Trojan downloader that will most definitely be the cause of a cyber attack on your computer. If you don’t wish for your computer to be hijacked by some cyber criminals, we suggest you remove DropDrans immediately. Trojan downloaders are exclusively used by cyber criminals to gain remote access to your PC so that they can take control of it. DropDrans is able to hide deep in the system making manual removal virtually impossible.

All Trojans install themselves stealthily, which means that the user is unaware of their presence. Like all Trojans, DropDrans is distributed using various deceitful methods. It is known to be primarily distributed via email attachments that when opened will immediately start downloading malware onto your system. Furthermore, it may even be promoted as a useful free application on unreliable software distribution websites. In addition, it may use corrupted links, fake advertisements, software bundles, and so on. It’s worth mentioning that users will not be able to delete it using traditional methods, e.g., Control Panel. Although the Trojan is no longer active right now, we still recommend that users remove it, as it could still be revived.

DropDrans Trojan downloader has been developed and used by cyber criminals to download and install malware that allows them to execute many malicious operations on the infected system. It could automatically download and install a keylogger and a screen grabber, which might be utilized to steal the user’s log-ins and/or online banking credentials and other personal information. Furthermore, DropDrans may be used to infect your system with ransomware, viruses, worms, and adware that may severely compromise the security of your network.

Even though its main purpose is to install malware on your computer, DropDrans may also have other negative side effects such as slowing down your computer by using a lot of resources. It is also capable of injecting malicious codes, files, and processes that will severely disrupt system performance. It might force system crashes or freezes. Furthermore, it may even corrupt various files such as photos, videos, Microsoft Office documents, and so on.

Even though DropDrans doesn’t work anymore, it still remains a huge security threat because it may still be reactivated. As mentioned, it is capable of causing a lot of damage to your system by downloading numerous malware programs, ranging from adware to ransomware. The biggest threat it poses is its ability to install keyloggers and screen grabbers that may be used to steal personal information like log-ins and online baking credentials. Since DropDrans cannot be removed via Control panel, we recommend using a reliable spyware removal tool such as SpyHunter.

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