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DoubleClick is an invisible browser’s add-on that works as a tracking cookie, which can collect statistical information about your browsing habits. The application can copy your History, Bookmarks, Favorites and other personal information, which can be extremely valuable to online advertisers. Unfortunately, this is not all that this tracking cookie is capable of, and it has been researched that the program could be used by cyber criminals to produce adware. Therefore, you should remove DoubleClick from your operating Windows system right after you notice first PC corruption symptoms. You should stay sensitive to slower Internet connection, web redirections, home page modifications and unfamiliar, treacherously installed toolbars or extensions.

Various symptoms will indicate that DoubleClick is running in your computer, and you should never think that unauthorized changes are not worth any of your attention. As a matter of fact, you should be most careful with appeared dysfunctions, because they will signal that cyber criminals are about to scam you. Schemers could steal data collected by the tracking cookie and use it to present pop-up ads and online ads within filtered search results. This may be extremely irritating, but what is worst – very dangerous. If you clicked on fictitious advertisements, you could be tricked into installing malicious infections or spending your money on something completely fictitious. Hence, it would be best to terminate your browsing processes and continue only after you remove DoubleClick from the PC.

If you do not want your browsing activity monitored and personal data leaked to criminal third parties, you should implement automatic DoubleClick removal tools right away. After the potentially malignant program is deleted, you should consider protecting your Windows with reliable security tools, which could guard it from tracking cookies and malicious infections that could be downloaded alongside.

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