Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware Removal Guide

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Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware is a threat that might lurk for its victims in inconspicuous spam emails that are most likely to hide the malicious installer as a harmless file attachment. If the victim is tricked into opening this file, the infection slithers into the operating system silently, without the notice of that system’s user. Needless to say, if the user discovers and removes the malicious launcher right away, the attack might be stopped; however, it is more likely that the infection would initiate malicious processes without any notice. The main task for this threat is to encrypt files. If it succeeds, its creator can then ask for a ransom that, allegedly, should be exchanged for a file decryptor. Unfortunately, in most cases, users who pay the ransoms are left empty-handed, and so paying the ransom is never recommended. What is recommended is that you delete Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware from your operating system immediately. If you have no idea how to achieve that, you will find the information you need in this report.

At the time of research, Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware was just as helpless as Ransed Ransomware, Deos Ransomware, and many other infections that were found unable to encrypt files. By the time you are reading this, any of these ransomware threats might have been upgraded and fixed, and they might already be capable of encrypting files. That is because most of these infections are caught by our research team in very early stages. Of course, some of them are completely harmless because their creators are amateurs who know nothing about malware. In any case, we do not dismiss the possibility that Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware could encrypt files. All in all, once you are introduced to the _READ_IT_FOR_RECOVER_FILES.html file – it is launched to introduce you to the ransom – you need to check if your files were encrypted. Obviously, if they were not, you do not need to waste any more time with this threat. Instead, you should remove it. On the other hand, if your files were encrypted, you are likely to take some time to familiarize yourself with the demands of cyber criminals.

According to the demands, you can recover your files only if you pay a ransom. 0.1 BTC is the ransom that is requested from you, and that is not a small fee. Based on the current conversion rate, 0.1 BTC converts to nearly 400 USD. At the time of research, no ransom had been transferred to 1L6PpSehR8V7YsZTc3L3F5RwbWoNma1nno (Bitcoin Wallet used by the creator of Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware), but that is only natural, considering that the ransomware cannot encrypt files at all. What happened if you transferred money to this account? If you did, cyber crooks could just take it and disappear. They would not even need to give you the decryptor. Since there is no way to force them to do it, they simply do not. And that is why most victims who pay ransoms end up losing both, files and money. Unfortunately, recovering files might be impossible without a decryptor.

Most of us use backups to store copies of important documents, photos, and other files. If you use backups as well, you do not need to worry about Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware even if it ends up encrypting data. In this case, all you need to do is delete the infection and then transfer the backups onto your PC to replace the corrupted files. If backups were not set up, make sure you start backing up data as soon as you remove Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware as that is the only way to guarantee that files are safe. When it comes to the removal of the ransomware, we strongly suggest using anti-malware software because it can automatically eliminate all malicious components that, unfortunately, might be hard to identify manually. We cannot promise that you will be able to delete the threat all by yourself using the guide below. If you are determined to erase this infection yourself, do not forget to use a malware scanner to help you identify malicious components and then check whether or not you have eliminated them completely.

How to delete Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware

  1. Delete recently downloaded files that might be associated with the ransomware.
  2. Delete the ransom note file called _READ_IT_FOR_RECOVER_FILES.html.
  3. Scan your operating system to check for any malicious leftovers.
Download Remover for Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware


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