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When you think that the people behind all these “Converter” extensions couldn’t get any more creative, they surprise you once again. Meet ConverterSearchHd, the newest addition to the group that consists of CoverterSearchNow, TheConverterSerch, AllConvertersSearches, and many other Chrome extensions that are supposed to “convert.” Do they actually convert? Well, perhaps. They might redirect you to third-party sites that offer such services. But the problem is that those apps are often there on your browser even if you didn’t have any plans to have them originally. So, if you didn’t want it, how about removing ConverterSearchHd today?

All these extensions are identical, and so the same behavioral pattern fits all of them. First, we have to mention that ConverterSearchHd has an official website. The official website can be reached via This portal should tell you more about the extension, but it is highly unlikely that users actually stumble across the site to read about ConverterSearchHd.

At the same time, the extension can also be found at the Chrome Web Store, as can also be said about most of its predecessors. It only proves that there is nothing malicious about this app, and it is available out in the open. However, users often fail to realize that ConverterSearchHd could also reach them through third-party sources. For instance, if you tend to visit sites that offer free content, you have to be careful of various pop-ups and other types of ads that could be embedded in those sites, and they could be there promoting third-party applications.

Of course, you always have a choice to not install or not add the third-party apps that try to reach you. However, the problem here is that users often do not realize that they are about to add an extension or they simply are not aware of the potential security threats that might come with such apps.

Now, if we take a look at the page for ConverterSearchHd on the Chrome Web Store, we can see that more than 20,000 users have this extension added to their browsers. This would probably mean that the extension is reliable and useful. However, there’s only one review, so it’s hard to tell whether the users add it willingly or accidentally.

The official description for the application says that “this product lets you browse the web and get easy access to search, images, videos, and news.” It also doesn’t forget to add that ConverterSearchHd is a “single purpose extension,” which is the main tagline for every single app from this family.

In a sense, it might seem that ConverterSearchHd can really provide you with relevant search results that you will find useful, but let’s not forget that the extension doesn’t have an original search engine. It outsources Yahoo! Search, and it even can modify the search results that you see based on your likes and preferences. That’s because the application employs tracking cookies to read your browsing history. As a result, it can generate your online profile and see what websites you visit and what search keywords you use. This allows ConverterSearchHd to generate custom commercial content that can be embedded in the search result links it displays.

There’s a chance that you could get redirected to unfamiliar and potentially harmful websites through these sponsored links, and that’s probably the main security concern associated with this app. For that reason, it is a good idea to remove ConverterSearchHd from your browser. If you happen to have more unfamiliar extensions on-board, you would do yourself favor by removing them all as well. Finally, scan your system with the SpyHunter free scanner to terminate other unwanted apps.

How to Remove ConverterSearchHd

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F simultaneously.
  3. Select Settings on the drop-down menu.
  4. Scroll down and click Advanced.
  5. Click Restore settings to their original defaults.
  6. Press Reset settings on the confirmation box.
Download Remover for ConverterSearchHd *
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