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Codec Performer Update is Recommended is a fake alert that encourages you to download a fake codec updater to your computer. If you see this fake alert on your screen is does not mean your computer is infected. It only means that you have accessed a website that is related to adware distribution network. Perhaps you clicked on an outgoing link that opened a pop-up, urging you to upgrade your codec. Either way, you must ignore Codec Performer Update is Recommended message, because clicking the “Install” button would only result in you installing adware on your computer.

If you have adware installed, it exposes your system to a number of potential threats. For one, the Codec Performer Update is Recommended fake alert has been created in order to distribute adware applications that generate financial income to a number of affiliated third parties. That is to say, with related adware programs installed on your computer, a third party can collect information on your web browsing habits and redirect you to affiliated websites in order to increase their traffic. That is done because a lot of adware websites survive on pay-per-click system – the higher the traffic is the more money the website generates.

In order to recognize this fake alert, you need know what its message is:

Codec Performer Update is Recommended
Please Install Codec Performer Update (RECOMMENDED)

  • Supports MP3, WMA, RealVideo, RealAudio, DivX, XviD and much more
  • Based on FFDsShow and Haali splitter the leading codecs libraries
  • One install for all your codecs need
  • 100% Free & Safe – share it with your friends
  • Updating takes under a minute, and you do not need to restart after installation

Although it may seem that this notification can help you upgrade your video codec and enhance your media viewing experience, the reality is that you would only install unnecessary software on your system, potentially exposing it to cyber threats. If you really want to upgrade your video codec, it would be for the best to access the official website for a respective codec and download it from there, or simply follow the upgrade instructions of your outdated media player.

Either way, it is important to stress once again that seeing the Codec Performer Update is Recommended fake alert does not mean you are infected with malware. Just close the browser tab and the fake alert will go away. Nevertheless, if you think that there might be potentially unwanted programs installed on your computer, you can always perform a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner. In case any malicious files or programs are detected, you can remove them automatically with a licensed antimalware tool.

Download Remover for Codec Performer Update is Recommended *
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