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Cobra Locker Ransomware might also be recognized as IT Ransomware by some victims because when it encrypts personal files, it attaches the “.IT” extension to their names. Also, the message that this malware presents is displayed along with an image of a clown from a 2017 horror film “It.” Both of these names are interchangeable, and different malware scanners or malware removal tools can recognize the threat by these names. Ultimately, it does not really matter by which name you recognize this malware. What matters is what you do with it. Do you just give in and do whatever the attackers want you to do, or do you take a safe route? In either case, decrypting the files that this malware encrypts is likely to be impossible. At the time of research, a legit free decryptor did not exist, and the one offered by the attackers could not be taken seriously. Needless to say, the files cannot be restored by deleting Cobra Locker Ransomware itself.

Before we get to the message introduced by Cobra Locker Ransomware, it is important that you learn how this malware invades systems. Hopefully, this knowledge will help you in the future because the same methods can be used by Homer Ransomware, Alpha865qqz Ransomware, Usam Ransomware, Nlah Ransomware, and all other threats from the same category. Most frequently, RDP vulnerabilities and spam emails are involved. That means that you have to be cautious about the patches you install or skip, the emails you open, the downloads you execute, and so on. This is super important if you have no security tool protecting you and making sure that malware cannot slip through the cracks. If security software is set in place, you should have Cobra Locker Ransomware removed before it even attempts to encrypt files. If the threat is not stopped and removed timely, it encrypts files immediately, and the game might be over right there and then. That is because there is no program or tool that can help you read your files, and you certainly do not want to follow the instructions of cybercriminals.

The cybercriminals behind Cobra Locker Ransomware hope that you trust them or have no other choice but to trust them. After encryption, the screen-locking window with the face of a clown shows up, and on its right, you can see a message. It claims that “all important files” were encrypted and that you need a “special key” if you want to unlock the system. The second step presented in the message suggests that you have to email if you want to decrypt the files. So, which files were encrypted? Maybe none of your important files are lost? Do not bet on that. Cobra Locker Ransomware encrypts all personal files, and if you do not have copies, you are screwed. Do you have copies? If you do, you are in a perfect position. All you have to worry about is the removal of the infection. And after you are done with that, you can transfer the backup copies onto the system to replace the corrupted ones. Even if you do not have that luxury, contacting the attackers and then paying for a decryptor is not something we recommend doing. You will be scammed out of your money, but your files will remain encrypted.

There are two main options you need to consider when thinking about the removal of Cobra Locker Ransomware. You can either delete this malware yourself, or you can install a tool that will take care of it automatically. Of course, if you choose the second, you might have to invest some money, but your virtual security and the security of your personal files is certainly worth it. Besides ensuring full-time protection, the anti-malware software you implement will automatically delete Cobra Locker Ransomware, and this is a perfect option for those who are less experienced and who need help protecting their systems. If you are completely sure that you can identify malware components and, most importantly, secure your operating system, you might be able to follow the guide below. However, do not forget that implementing appropriate security software is not something you should dread. It’s something you should pursue.

How to delete Cobra Locker Ransomware

  1. Open Task Manager (tap Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys) and click Processes.
  2. Identify the malicious {random} process and right-click it.
  3. Choose Open file location to find the infection’s malicious {random}.exe file.
  4. End process and then Delete the file.
  5. Empty Recycle Bin once you think that you are done.
  6. Employ a trusted malware scanner to examine your PC for leftovers.
Download Remover for Cobra Locker Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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Cobra Locker Ransomware


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