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Claro Search Malware is a browser hijacker that can also be called Claro malware, iSearch, iSearch redirection or just Claro Search. It has many names, but the bottom line remains the same - Claro Search Malware is a computer threat that should not be left installed in your system. Claro Search Malware appears like a browser helper object and changes Internet browser settings so that it could redirect the user into other websites that are related to Claro Search Malware.

The problem with this infection is that it manages to convince users that it is a legitimate browser enhancer. Claro Search Malware has a homepage that looks like a decent search engine. Actually, the search engine that Claro Search Malware redirects to looks a lot like Google, so any user could bet tricked easily. However, Claro Search Malware's search engine contains outgoing links to malicious websites, and could be responsible for infecting you with Trojans and other malware.

If that weren't enough, the search engine that Claro Search Malware redirects you to provides search results in a layout that is a direct copy of Google search results outline. Thus, a user might think that these results are legitimate, but do not be so quick to click on them. Claro Search Malware could redirect you even further to websites infested with undesirable applications.

If you want to get your computer and browser back to normal, you need to remove Claro Search Malware from your system. Manual removal is not recommended if you are not a computer expert, therefore, terminate Claro Search Malware automatically with a program that can detect it and remove it together with its components.

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