Chrome Security Warning Scam Removal Guide

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If your Chrome browser contains a warning that reads "Chrome Security Warning!", that means you are dealing with a scam. The content of the Chrome Security Warning scam should be ignored and the instructions provided not followed to prevent any financial loss and operating system-related issues. The deceptive warning resembling a technical support notification is a tricky attempt to make you think that you need a professional's assistance to unlock your computer. In reality, the professional behind the scam warning is a shameless impostor.

According to the Chrome Security Warning scam, which is displayed by the currently inactive web page, your computer is locked because of your illegal actions related to pornographic content. In order to have the computer unlocked, you are asked to call the toll-free number 0800 046 5257, which is another indicator that the user of the affected web browser is dealing with a scam.

Cyber schemers employ various tactics to deceive unsuspecting users into thinking that they have to follow the instructions they are provided with. The tactic of presenting victims with allegations that prohibited content was accessed or used has been used over years. For example, victims whose computers are infected with ransomware are accused of breaking some law and are requested to pay a fee to have their computers or screens unlocked. In the present case with the Chrome Security Warning scam, no fees are required, but the receiver of the scam is encouraged to act as instructed, i.e., to make a phone call which is likely to be charged. Ignoring such deceptive warnings is a must; otherwise, serious consequences are guaranteed.

It is highly essential to resist the temptation to call the number 0800-046-5257, or any other number provided, because the call is likely to be charged even though the warning suggests the opposite. It is difficult to specify what deception strategy, or strategies, would be used by the fraudster, but it is already known that a few of them are possible. For example, you may be instructed to access a website for downloading some supposedly necessary software that will help to unlock the computer. It is also possible that the impostor will ask you to provide your credit card number and some other banking information in exchange for the service or unlocking the computer. Do not reveal your personal data, but, if you have already done that, inform your bank about the case so that your bank account or credit card is blocked.

Service providers whose names have been used by scammers multiple time warn people that they do not contact their customers through pop-up warnings containing phone numbers. The end user is the one that initiates a dialog with the service provider, and this practice is employed by many companies, including Microsoft and Apple.

The Chrome Security Warning scam, or any other similar scam, can appear when browsing unreliable websites, especially those that are polluted with various third-party websites. Such websites could also be the source of advertising-supported programs, also called adware, that may cause the display of deceptive advertisements, including scam warnings.

Staying away from questionable websites and using only trustworthy software is highly advisable, because that can minimize the risk of getting the computer infected. Moreover, it is highly advisable keeping the operating system protected against malware so that no harmful program accesses the system. The consequences of malware infiltration may be far-reaching, so, if you want to be sure that your data is secure and that you can browse the Internet safely, act accordingly.

Below you fill find our step-by-step instructions that will help you remove the Chrome Security Warning scam. The instructions will help you reset the browser so that not third-party applications or changes prevail.

How to remove the Chrome Security Warning scan

  1. Click the icon with three vertically placed dots.
  2. Move down to the Advanced option placed in the center.
  3. Scroll down and click Reset under the heading Reset.
  4. Click Reset in a prompt window.
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