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If you need to covert PDF files to various other file formats, you may employ an extension or some other tool that helps you with that. At first sight, it might seem that BubblePDF is also a kind of a browser extension that can provide you with this conversion function. In reality, it is not far from the truth, but computer security experts say that this app is also a potentially unwanted program. It means that it could be added to your browser by chance. If that is really what happened in your case, you can remove BubblePDF without too much difficulty.

You might say that you don’t remember installing BubblePDF, and thus, the application must be a malicious infection that enters your system surreptitiously. However, the main distribution sources for this app are public, and it doesn’t really hide its presence. What’s more, even if BubblePDF comes via third-party distributors, it still asks for your permission to be added to your browser. If you don’t notice the notification, it means that you’ve been focused on something else, and you just clicked the prompt with the intention to close the pop-up window.

This shows that users have to be attentive when they browser unfamiliar sites or pages that contain a lot of third-party content. It doesn’t mean that those pages are inherently dangerous, it’s just that they could be exploited by malevolent third parties to promote their content. And the same applies to BubblePDF, as well. The official stance of the extension is that it is a quite and easy to use tool “to assist you whenever you need to convert a PDF file.” This extension also asks for permission to set your new tab page search to BubblePDF. It also wants to read your browsing history, which is very common among such browser extensions.

It doesn’t mean that it can steal your private information. However, aside from its initial function, it may also generate your online profile, based on the websites you visit and the search keywords you use. And that online profile can be used for marketing operations. Since BubblePDF changes your new tab settings, it could redirect your search queries through its website, and eventually, it could also display modified search results. Although most of these search results should be legitimate, you are bound to find links that could be modified to fit your likes and preferences.

Now, the problem here is that BubblePDF does not review the links it promotes, and that is a perfect security loophole for malicious exploitation. It’s not that the extension wants to expose you to dangerous sites or anything like that. It’s just that it cannot choose or decide where the outgoing links take you. Hence, you have to take this potential risk into consideration when you decide whether you keep this extension on your browser or not. If you didn’t plan to have BubblePDF in the first place, you can always remove it following the manual instructions below.

There are at least several ways to remove BubblePDF. You can delete it via your browser’s Extensions menu. If you want to make sure that you get rid of all the tracking cookies and other extension components, you might as well reset your browser to default. Finally, you can also use an antispyware tool that has BubblePDF in its definitions, and it would remove the app from your system automatically. At the same time, it would check your system for other potential threats, so you would hit two birds with one stone.

Finally, be sure to review your web browsing habits. They could also lead you to potential threats.

How to Remove BubblePDF

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F and click Settings.
  3. Scroll down and click Advanced.
  4. Scroll down and click Restore settings to their original defaults.
  5. Press Reset settings.
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