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Although it might seem that BestMovies Now is a very useful application, computer security experts maintain that it is a potentially unwanted program. It means that it is far from a dangerous computer infection, but it might have some features that can be considered undesirable or potentially threatening. Therefore, if you happen to have BestMovies Now on your system, you should remove it immediately.

You will find the manual removal instructions below this description. It is not complicated to delete this extension on your own. However, if you do not want to do it manually, you can always invest in a legitimate antispyware tool.

You might think that it is not much of a problem to keep this extension on your Chrome browser. Well, it depends on how you look at it. If you have been looking for a similar application, it could look useful. However, if it perched on your browser accidentally, you clearly shouldn’t keep it. What’s more, you should check the list of extensions to see whether you have more undesirable apps on-board.

The reason we’re saying that is because BestMovies Now usually arrives in software packages together with other types of freeware. Of course, the extension has an official homepage at, and it even has a page at the Chrome Web Store. But it doesn’t mean that those are the main distribution sources. Not quite.

Freeware apps may have official sources, but they tend to travel through pop-ups, bundled downloads, and redirects far more often. In other words, users should be able to avoid such applications if only they were careful about the things they download and install. Normally, users tend to breeze through the installation steps because they all look the same. However, when you deal with a third-party installer, it is very often that you may have an additional step that asks you whether you want a particular app installed or not. If you skip that step, you will end up with BestMovies Now and other unwanted programs on your browser.

Of course, when we take a look at the description of this extension, everything seems nice. The official information suggests that with BestMovies Now, you can “enjoy immediate access to information about unlimited movies, TV series, trailers and movie reviews – with just one click.” And this surely sounds nice, especially if movies happen to be one of your favorite hobbies. However, there is a catch.

We have to remember that programs like BestMovies Now strongly rely on third-party content to provide the service they advertise. And the problem is that these extensions cannot guarantee that the content you interact with is safe. Therefore, if malevolent third parties exploit this extension to promote corrupted content, you could end up getting infected with malware.

Needless to say, a malware infection is the worst-case scenario and it does not occur very often. Yet, if the possibility is there you should not overlook it. Hence, the sooner you remove BestMovies Now from your system, the better. While you are at it, also consider acquiring a licensed antispyware tool.

How to Delete BestMovies Now

  1. Launch your Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and go to More tools.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Delete BestMovies Now from the list.
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