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Computer security specialists often point out that potentially unwanted programs and adware seldom travel alone. It means that in case you get one unwanted program installed, there is a high chance that it comes with a set of other potentially undesirable applications. BenchUpdater is one of them. This adware program does not have its own promotion webpage, but it often comes bundled with other applications and functions as an adware helper. That is only one of the reasons why you are strongly recommended to remove BenchUpdater from your computer along with other unnecessary programs.

It is easy to see from the name of the program what it is used for. BenchUpdater can be used by adware applications to update themselves. Thus, rather than being a separate application it is more of a tool that allows other programs to function properly. According to our security specialists, BenchUpdater is usually bundled with Deal Dropper and Gigantic Savings adware applications.

These adware programs are known to display countless pop-ups whenever you access online shopping websites. They promote themselves as browser add-ons that help you save money on your purchases online. Thus, they display various coupons and discount offers every single time you browse an online shopping mall. Such a mass of pop-ups can be more annoying than dangerous, especially as it may impede your Internet speed.

It should be pointed out that BenchUpdater and other adware applications related to it are compatible with all popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It means that if you install Deal Dropper or Gigantic Savings on your computer, chances are that BenchUpdater will be installed as well, and then you will become subject to continuous onslaught of pop-up advertisements.

Such pop-up ads are not malicious, but the problem is that they display a lot of third party content. In other words, BenchUpdater may be updating the adware application, but it cannot generate content for it. Thus, it has to rely on a third party advertising network, and in such a case, the application becomes vulnerable to a malevolent exploitation from outside.

Having BenchUpdater on your computer does not mean you are infected with malware. It simply calls for caution, as an accidental click on a corrupted advertisement could potentially lead you to malware infection. Although such a conclusion is not definite, you should not take your chances. It would be for the best to remove BenchUpdater, Gigantic Savings, Deal Dropper and any other related application right now.

If you need to scan your computer for potentially unwanted programs, make use of SpyHunter free scanner. The application will detect potential threats at once, and you will be able to protect your PC from harm.

How to remove BenchUpdater

Windows 8

  1. Move mouse cursor to the bottom right of the screen.
  2. When Charm bar appears, click Settings and go to Control Panel.
  3. Click Uninstall a program and remove unwanted applications.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open Start menu and select Control Panel.
  2. Go to Uninstall a program and remove undesirable programs.

Windows XP

  1. Open Start menu and click Control Panel.
  2. Select Add or remove programs and uninstall adware applications.
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