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Beast is a computer infection also known as remote access Trojan. This computer threat infects the computer without the user’s knowledge, so even if you have an anti-virus program, it is likely that the program will not detect the threat, unless the program is a powerful spyware removal tool. Like any other unwanted program, Beast should be removed from the PC without delay, in particular with a powerful anti-spyware program. Moreover, urgent remedial measures have to be taken because of the characteristics of this highly dangerous infection. Do not stop reading if you want to learn more about this unwanted program.

Beast, like other remote access Trojans, including Rat.WinSpy, ProRat and NetBus, operates surreptitiously in order to gain as much benefit as possible. So far it has been known that the virus affects such operating systems as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The operating of the systems is being impaired by starting new processes and terminating legitimate ones, downloading and installing new files or malware and trying to take complete control over the infected machine. For example, Beast receives commands to do the following: to steal your passwords, make screen captures, corrupt the performance of some software or hardware devices and shut down or restart the computer. Moreover, the infection is able to corrupt present files stored on the PC. For example, it can infect your word documents or even hide them from you to make you think that they have been already deleted.

If you notice that your PC is not running properly but your anti-virus program does not detect any infections, it implies that the Beast infection or any other malicious piece of spyware has infected your computer. To find out whether your privacy is violated or not, install a powerful spyware removal application and run a scan after which you will learn whether someone was trying to control the system or not. In case your PC is infected with Beast, SpyHunter, which is a powerful spyware removal tool, will remove the infection and safeguard the computer against future spyware attacks.

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