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Even though Background Host Virus is a very active infection, not many computer users realize that they need to remove it from their operating systems. The threat can be operated as a keylogger capable of collecting keystrokes and mouse clicks. Furthermore, the infection can collect cached passwords and login IDs, which could be used to take over your virtual accounts. On top of that, the threat can communicate to remote servers without your notice. Due to this malicious activity, we believe it is necessary to delete Background Host Virus as soon as possible. If the removal of the clandestine Trojans is foreign to you, this report will help you greatly.

Needless to say, no one in their right mind would install Background Host Virus onto their operating system themselves. Due to this, the creators of the threat had to find different distribution methods. Different versions of the malicious Background Host Virus could be infiltrated in different manners. For example, the installer of the threat can be camouflaged as a harmless spam email attachment. Computer users could execute it after clicking on corrupted links as well. Of course, in most cases, computer users have to remove Background Host Virus after executing the installers of unreliable software bundles. Note that you may have to delete other malicious applications as well.

After the successful infiltration, Background Host Virus infects host.dll files. Then, to camouflage the malignant activity, the infection installs a dynamic link library file (e.g., vcmgcd32.dll linked to Trojan.Sality) and applies the original host file's code. The mutex is then used to connect to remote servers and wait for commands. Note that the threat can be employed to steal your passwords and other private information. Unfortunately, the Background Host Virus may remain undetected and unremoved, because this infection can delete the files of certain security programs. Needless to say, if your security software is authentic and up-to-date, it is unlikely that you will have to worry about the infiltration or the removal of the clandestine Background Host Virus.

If you do not guard your operating system against Background Host Virus, your virtual accounts could be hijacked before you know it. If this happens, your own identity could be used to spread malicious infections. For example, your email address could be used to send emails with corrupted email attachments or links. If you have inspected your operating system with a malware scanner and you have been warned that you need to remove Background Host Virus, you must warn your contacts about the possibility of scams using your name. We do not recommend removing Background Host Virus manually, because this task is very difficult. Instead, you should employ an authentic malware remover which will delete Background Host Virus and protect your PC against other malware attacks.

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