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Backdoor.Mivast is categorized as a backdoor Trojan, an infection that enables cybercriminals to have access to or control a compromised computer. We advise that you remove this threat the moment you notice it being active on your machine. Sometimes computer users notice Trojans when it is already too late; in order to prevent such cases, we recommend that you implement reliable automatic antimalware software to your current system. This way you will be able to stop Backdoor.Mivast before it takes full control of your computer and drops additional malware into your machine.

When Backdoor.Mivast is executed, it establishes its presence on your system by creating specific files (msi.dll, setup.msi, MediaCenter.exe, and others, in the Temporary file folder) and registry entries. Then, this backdoor Trojan injects pre-programmed instructions to the svchost.exe process to open a back door, connecting to such remote locations as,,, etc. All these actions might be carried out without showing any signs suggesting that your system is compromised; therefore, you should always keep your security tools active so that they could warn you about the status of your computer and remove this infection.

Backdoor.Mivast works surreptitiously, thus there might some time until you notice this infection is crippling your machine. When installed, this Trojan might gather password information, and other sensitive data; also, download and read from your computer, and open a remote shell. This backdoor Trojan especially dangerous, and therefore should be removed, as it might also send basic commands to your system or download additional infections and execute their .exe files.

Backdoor.Mivast might slither onto target computers through many different channels. You can infect your system by opening attachments to spam emails messages or it can reach your machine via exploit kits. This Trojan is also known to be dropped disguised as other applications; so, it might be possible that you will download Backdoor.Mivast with software bundles that are hosted on file sharing sites. Be attentive when downloading applications or utilities from suspicious websites because you might permit backdoor Trojan to access your system. It is even possible that Backdoor.Mivast can reach your computer with other malicious software; thus, you will need to delete not only this Trojan, bus also additional infections.

Make sure your computer is prepared to face Backdoor.Mivast. As it has been already established, this infection is dangerous because it can communicate with remote servers allowing malicious third-parties to take hold of your system. If you do not want this Trojan to jeopardize your machine, you should utilize all the necessary tools to remove the infection at once. The best way to eliminate this risk it to acquire a legitimate antimalware program that will clean up your system and keep it protected from similar attacks in the future.

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