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Backdoor.Bot.ED is a highly dangerous Trojan horse which runs as a backdoor program enabling remote attackers to gain access to the compromised system. Backdoor.Bot.ED spreads over the Internet via phishing emails, and our researchers have found that the malicious program is distributed by email with the subject line "Order invoice 9156230_08.xls". If you have not ordered anything and receive a similar letter, the odds are that you will be deceived by cyber scammers. Such email letters should be removed immediately without opening them in order to prevent adverse consequences. Links and files attached to such emails should not be clicked on, because that single click may lead to the execution of a dangerous infection.

It is important to note that the subject line and name of the file may vary from one email to another. Nevertheless, the wording of the email is more or less the same. According to the email, you are provided with an invoice regarding some item that you have supposedly purchased. Upon extracting the file, the Backdoor.Bot.ED malware is executed.

Similarly to other backdoor programs, Backdoor.Bot.ED is immediately installed without any notification. The program starts running every time you log on to the computer and connects to remote servers to receive the attacker's commands. Backdoor.Bot.ED steals sensitive information and sends the data collected to the attackers. Backdoor Trojans are complex infections because they can be programmed to perform multiple illegal actions, depending on the attacker’s plans.

If you suspect that some piece of malware is running on your operating system, you should not hesitate to implement a reputable scanner so that you can ascertain the actual security status of your system. Backdoor.Bot.ED should be removed from the computer once it is detected; otherwise, the consequences may be far-reaching. Programs similar to Backdoor.Bot.ED can steal passwords, credit card information, login details, and other valuable information. In order to prevent data loss, you should take immediate action.

We recommend that you implement a reputable scanner once you notice any system glitches. Slow PC performance or non-responsiveness of some applications may be a sign that a malware program is running on your computer. Our team advises that you use SpyHunter, because this real-time security program can easily eliminate various threats, including Trojan horses, adware programs, ransomware infections, browser hijackers, rogue anti-virus programs, etc. If you have any questions concerning the removal of the Backdoor.Bot.ED Trojan, leave a comment below.

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