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Many users become victims of malvertising these days. You might have also become one of them without even knowing that. It is especially true if Backdoor.Bedep is present on your computer. Yes, you have understood correctly - Backdoor.Bedep uses Flash Player exploit in order to enter your system. In fact, it might be enough to click on a single malicious advertisement, which might appear on different websites, in order to allow Backdoor.Bedep to enter the system. As it is a serious computer infection, it is very important to delete Backdoor.Bedep as quickly as possible. It is impossible to get rid of it via Control Panel, so you should not expect to erase it easily.

There is a possibility that Backdoor.Bedep will try to hide itself. Some computer users have noticed that it pretend to be a Microsoft SQL server product. It is definitely not true, so you should not keep it on your computer. Backdoor.Bedep will still not act in a beneficial way, so you will definitely not miss it. Research carried out by the specialists at has shown that this backdoor is mainly used to create botnet and download a number of threats on a user’s computer. Malicious software might cause serious harm to your PC. Actually, it might even become impossible to use it because malware will not only slow your computer, but will also reduce the speed of your Internet connection.

The specialists at have found out that Backdoor.Bedep often travels together with CTB Locker ransomware infection, so it is very likely that Backdoor.Bedep has slithered onto your computer with the aforementioned ransomware. You will definitely notice if CTB Locker enters your system because all your files will be encrypted and you will see a message that you have to pay a particular sum of money in order to gain access to your files. Actually, it is unlikely that you will receive the key for the decryption of your files because this infection simply seeks to extort money from computer users. In order protect your PC from different kinds of threats, you have to install an antimalware tool and keep it enabled all the time.

You should delete Backdoor.Bedep as soon as possible because this threat might cause harm to your PC. Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove this threat manually because it is a very difficult process. If you want to get rid of Backdoor.Bedep easily and quickly, you should simply scan your computer with an antimalware tool, such as SpyHunter. You should keep this tool enabled in the future as well if you want to prevent malware from slithering onto your computer.

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