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The research shows Backdoor.andromeda is still active as the malware’s creators continue to distribute it through different malicious web pages. This infection is extremely dangerous since it might not only help the cyber criminals gain remote access to the system but also ability to use your computer for malicious activities. Needless to say that if it managed to enter the system, removing this threat should be your top priority task. Below the article, you will find our recommended deletion steps, but you should use them only if you have experience with threats alike and know what you are doing. The malware has its ways to stay hidden from the users, so deleting it manually could be extremely challenging for some users. This is why our specialists recommend using a reliable antimalware tool while erasing Backdoor.andromeda. However, for starters, you should just learn more about this infection.

Backdoor.andromeda is most likely spread through various malicious web pages. According to our specialists, to distribute the threat the infection’s creators could be exploiting Adobe Flash Player. The player is widely used to create animations, advertisements, various applications, and more. The problem is that its older versions have specific vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by hackers. Thus, if, for example, your flash player is not updated and you enter a malicious site containing an exploit kit, it could identify the software’s vulnerabilities and drop the malware on your computer. That is why it is crucial to regularly update not only the Adobe Flash Player but also other applications you use. What’s more, the computer might be less vulnerable if you would install a legitimate antimalware tool.

What could happen if Backdoor.andromeda enters the system? In most cases, such threats are created to steal data from users or control their computers. We cannot say what is the main goal of cyber criminals behind this particular infection, but we can provide you with a few examples of what they could do. After gaining an access to the system the hackers might be able to drop more malware or install other suspicious applications, access your private data, collect your sensitive information, etc. As we mentioned earlier, threats like these can allow the cyber criminals to control your computer too, so they might use it to send malicious emails to infect other computers, for click fraud, and so on.

If you suspect Backdoor.andromeda could be on the system or simply want to check your computer just in case we recommend installing a reliable antimalware tool right away. It is probably the most effective way to detect the threat and remove it for good. Our specialists tested one of the samples belonging to this infection and managed to determine locations where its malicious data was placed, but the malware might drop its files in different locations on another user’s computer. Plus, the dropped files could have random names as well. Therefore, even if you are willing to deal with Backdoor.andromeda manually, it might be too difficult for you. Nevertheless, if you are up for the task you can try the instructions placed below, but if it appears you cannot get rid of it manually, do not hesitate to use trustworthy antimalware software.

Eliminate Backdoor.andromeda

  1. Open the Explorer (Windows key+E).
  2. Locate the following paths:
  3. Find suspicious executable files that could belong to the malware; they might be titled as svchost.exe or have random titles.
  4. Select malicious files separately and press Shift+Delete to remove them permanently.
  5. Exit the Explorer and empty your Recycle bin.
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