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Antivirus Pro might look like a new player in the field, but in reality there is absolutely nothing new about it. It is a generic rogue antispyware application that is not original even its own name. There have been other rogues out there called exactly the same, so you can just as well know what can come out of trusting this dangerous computer threat, even though it comes from another nest of rogues. Even so, Antivirus Pro has an interface which does not differ from the one of its forerunners, so it is obvious that there is nothing positive about this program.

This rogue is shady all the way down to its distribution methods. In general, there are many ways for rogues to enter your computer. Antivirus Pro utilizes almost all of them, so it can finds its way towards you via fake online malware scanners, browser hijackers, spam email and even social engineering. Social engineering includes sending fake messages to your blogs and instant messaging windows, so if you receive a lot of notifications from someone you don’t know, urging you to click on suspicious links, better change your password immediately, otherwise, one of these days you will surely get infected with something as dangerous as Antivirus Pro.

However, if you happened to get infected you will notice that Antivirus Pro does not differ much from any other rogue. It performs a fake system scan and “finds” such parasites in your system as Win32/Renos.JI, Win32/Yektel.A or Win32/Taterf.gen!A. Even though these pests are not made up, it is highly unlikely that they are there in your computer, so you must ignore the Antivirus Pro scan results and all the fake security alert messages that pop up at your taskbar.

These messages are there to convince you to pay for the non-existent service that Antivirus Pro simply cannot provide. You would only expose your credit card information to hackers who will quickly break into your account and sweep it clean. Prevent this from happening by removing Antivirus Pro from your computer. The sooner you do it, the safer your financial funds and your computer will be, because Antivirus Pro only damages your system if it manages to stay in your computer for a longer period of time. Clean your machine from this rogue, and protect it against other threats.

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