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Category: Adware pop-up is the term for different advertisements that are generated by, which enables webmasters and advertisers earn money from advertising. Clicksor is a sister company of YesUp Ecommerce Solutions, Inc, and is said to be able to deliver high quality e-commerce solutions to its clients. When you encounter an advertisement which is labeled “Ads By Clicksor”, it means that the websites which you are browsing have entered into a contract with Clicksor; therefore, particular advertisements are displayed. The advertisements by Clicksor include text advertisements, also known as inline advertisements; graphical banners, which are known as web banners; rich media banners, pop-unders and interstitial advertisements. Since the so-called pop-ups are displayed by the website, do not think that the computer is infected by some adware program. In order to get rid of the “Ads by Clicksor” you can only leave the website on which pop-ups are generated.

However, it is important to mention what you should be very careful when dealing with various advertisements. It is known that some of the pop-ups may be used to direct the computer user to Java exploits, PDF exploits, rogue computer programs and other threats, which is why you should avoid clicking on the advertisements that are displayed by Clicksor. It does not mean that every single Ads By Clicksor pop-up is malicious; you may find advertisements promoting legitimate websites and well-known products. But keep in mind that sly webmasters may attempt to drive more traffic to their websites. This applies not only to pop-ups but also to different advertisements provided by other advertising services. The content of the advertisements which you have to deal with on various websites is not controlled by Clicksor and the consequences that follow your interaction with different third-party websites are your own responsibility.

Although you cannot prevent pop-ups, you can take measures to prevent computer infections, which may caused by pop-ups. Your operating system should be protected from different types of computer threats, which may attempt to get to the system from various websites. If you do not have a reliable anti-spyware tool, it is time to get one because you do not want to risk your privacy and the performance of the system when interacting with pop-ups and other advertisements.

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