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AcruxMiner is an infection that might be hard to identify and even harder to remove because its structure and functionality are pretty much unpredictable. That is because the miner can be customized by the parties using it. The foundation of this infection is actively sold online, using underground forums in Russia, and it can be purchased for 50 USD by anyone. That, unfortunately, means that it is impossible to know how many different versions of this threat could exist. Without a doubt, every single file must be eliminated. If you find that you need to delete AcruxMiner, you need to do it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that is not all that you need to do, even though that alone could cause severe problems for you. According to our malware research team, you might also need to change login passwords for all of your virtual accounts, as well as secure crypto-currency wallets if they exist. If you are confused, keep reading to learn all about this monstrous threat.

A crypto-currency miner is a tool that computes crypto-currency transactions by adding them to Blockchain, and, as a reward, it earns crypto-currency. This can be done legally by employing computers owned by the person interested in mining. Of course, if only one computer is employed, not much is mined. On the other hand, if multiple computers are employed, the electricity bill can go through the roof because mining requires all available energy. That is exactly why cyber criminals infect the machines of unsuspecting people to use up their resources. By doing that, the attackers do very little to get a lot back. Miners are becoming more and more prevalent, and AcruxMiner can be replaced by Crypto-Loot Miner, L0rdix, KingMiner, Minjen, and similar threats alike. While some of them are only used for mining, others perform additional actions, and that is true for AcruxMiner as well. Based on the information we found on a forum selling the infection, it can steal passwords from Firefox and Chrome browsers, grab files found on the Desktop, and steal .dat wallets, which store private key information and can be used to steal crypto-currency from some victims.

Do you keep any important documents with sensitive data inside on your Desktop? If you do, the devious AcruxMiner can do great damage. Some people, for example, still store their passwords in a document file, and they keep it on the Desktop for easy access. Even if that is not the case for you, if any passwords are saved on Chrome or Firefox browser, the Trojan will be able to steal them, and the attackers will have the chance to hijack your private accounts. That could be used to spread the miner further, impersonate you, and even steal money. Needless to say, that is something you want to avoid at all cost. Even if AcruxMiner was not stealing passwords or money from existing .dat wallets, you would still need to delete it because the CPU power this malware exploits can cause overall slower PC performance and even crashes. Your electricity bill could go up too.

As we mentioned at the very beginning, AcruxMiner might have many different versions because it could be bought and modified by many different parties. This complicates removal because we cannot say what the name of the loader file could be, or where it could be downloaded. For all we know, a separate infection could be used to drop and execute it. If you use the guide below successfully, you will terminate the process of the miner, but you will need to identify and remove the remaining components on your own. Ultimately, manual removal of AcruxMiner might be out of the question. What’s the alternative? It is anti-malware software. Install reliable and legitimate software, and it will delete all malicious files and programs automatically. Additionally, it will secure your Windows operating system to prevent other threats from slithering in again.

How to delete AcruxMiner

  1. Right-click the Taskbar and select Task Manager.
  2. Click the Processes tab and check for processes with high CPU/GPU usage.
  3. Right-click the process and click Open file location to find the malware file.
  4. Select the process in the Task Manager and click End task to stop it.
  5. Then right-click and Delete the malicious file linked to the process.
  6. Quickly perform a full-system scan to examine your system for other threats.
Download Remover for AcruxMiner *
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