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On April 11, 2017, Microsoft started rolling out the third update titled Windows 10 Creators Update. The new version is aimed at over 40 million Windows 10 devices. Officially, the latest release is Windows 10 version 1703 (OS Build 15063.138), which is available for free. Users can download and install it manually or have it installed automatically, depending on the settings of the system.

The title Windows 10 Creator Update is already a hint that it was developed with the user's creativity in mind. Microsoft believes that creativity is an essential human trait, and the latest version of the OS was created to help people enable or empower the creator inside. Even though the Creator Update offers a variety of functionalities, this release has fewer big features compared to the last Anniversary Update. Nevertheless, the Windows 10 Creator Update is more polished and supposed to bring better experience.

The Windows 10 Creator Update allows the user to draw in 3D mode, broadcast gaming, browse the Internet and read e-books with better functionality, and manage OS security in a new privacy dashboard. Let us briefly review all these fancy functions to get the idea of how Windows has been developed to serve their clients.

The famous drawing application Paint had a facelift and has arrived as a completely redesigned application. One of the most loved applications is now called Paint in 3D, and it allows no-experts to create attractive and fun pictures and objects. Users can unleash their creativity through their mouse or a surface pen and share the finished object with an online creative community at On this platform, 3D objects drawn by individuals and professionals are stored. The user can select another 3D model and "remix" it with their model: that is change colors and texture. Moreover, the whole process of drawing in 3D can be made into a movie and shared with friends so that they can recreate the object. The complete creation can be viewed in full 3D. You can check how these 3D models work at without registration.

Another feature of the Windows 10 Creator Update is likely to be appreciated by gamers. The Creator Update offers built-in streaming. Upon pressing Win+G, the Game bar with a broadcast icon appears. A picture in picture is set on the screen to see how the broadcast looks like.

Additionally, to make the gaming process more consistent, another feature Game Mode is added. This feature is added to the Windows Setting panel and is accessible through the Gaming section. With the Game Mode turned on, more system resources are used for enhancing users' experience. Apparently, Microsoft seeks to make Windows 10 highly suitable for games. Even though the computer will not become as predictable as console hardware, the changes implemented suggest that PC gaming is becoming similar to console playing. Game Mode is aimed at traditional Win30 games and Universal Windows Platform games, which are available at the Windows Store.

The Edge browser has also got some tweaks and now offers new features that make browsing sessions more user-friendly. Microsoft openly declares that Microsoft Edge is faster and more secure for Windows 10 than Firefox and Chrome. For example, video streaming is said to be 3 hours longer on Edge than on Firefox when unplugged and on-the-go.

These non-visual changes aside, the Windows 10 Creator Update also offers some changes in browser tabs. Two new buttons are added to help the user manage opened pages. For example, if the user wants to search for a different thing but does not want to lose the content and wants to save those tabs, the "Set these tabs aside" button comes into handy. Later, all these swept tabs can be accessed. They do not disappear, only hide from the user. All the swept tabs can be reviewed in the left-hand pane upon clicking on the "Tabs preview button." Additionally, the Windows 10 Creator Update enables the user to import the favorites, browsing history, and other data from another browser. This is achieved in one step, with the help of the Import from Another Browser feature u which can be found inside "Settings."

Another change related to the Windows Edge browser is related to Windows Store, which combines apps, games, music, movies, and books. Microsoft is proud of partnering with different top publishers to bring an extensive collection of books. An e-book purchased can be read with Edge, which allows the user to read offline. Reading experience can be customized by choosing different sizes, layouts, and themes. Moreover, the browser is powered by Cornata, and it is enough to highlight a word, right-click on it and select the Ask Cornata option. Most likely, the first entry fetched by Cornata will be the definition of the word.

Cornata has also received some attention from its developers as it now offers you more control over music applications. Natural language compatibility was enabled for iHearRadio and Tuneln Radio, and the user can use voice queries when the PC is locked. Moreover, Cortana is also programmed to recognize music for computer users in China. It uses the NetEase technology to tell the user what song is playing.

A new improvement is for those who use built-in apps for music, maps, and photos. Users can add ink, using Windows Ink, to their photos and videos, making the content more personalized. Pictures and videos can be edited by adding filters. Additionally, if a video is being drawn on while playing, the ink will be synchronized with the video. Writing on paused videos results in the text’s fading in and out.

The Maps application also offers some new effects. Again, Windows Ink can be used to draw on a 2D or 3D map. The functionality added allows users to make notes, measure distances, and mark places.

The Windows 10 Creator Update also brings a mini view feature, which enables to keep an ever-present window always present on top. This functionality comes in handy when watching TV shows, controlling music, no matter what the primary task being worked on is.

Similarly to iPads, the Windows 10 Creator Update offers night-time settings. The blue light can be dimmed when working at night. This feature can be accessed from Settings > System > Display.

Microsoft also seeks to build Windows 10 as the most complete platform for mixed reality devices and experience. The leaders in device market Acer, ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and 3Glasses are the partners whose devices work on Windows Mixed Reality-ready machines. On March 1st, 2017, Microsoft presented the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Development Edition headset. The set is aimed for those who want to create applications for mixed reality. With the Windows 10 Creator Update, developers will be able to blur the lines between the real and the digital. Later this year, Acer, ASUS, DELL, HP, and Lenovo will start shipping out the first headsets for the incredible digital experience, starting at $299 USD.

Skype has also been updated for Windows 10 users and, according to Microsoft, it is "the best Skype ever for Windows PC." The Creator Update offers mini view and Skype Translator for call to mobile phones. Keyboard shortcuts can be used to quickly perform most common functions and productively share screens, videos, files up to 30MB, and other data.

Lastly, the security issue has not been pushed aside as the Creator Update brings more security features so that all customers get a better grasp on their devices and networks when addressing security problems. The Windows Defender Security Center offers a single dashboard which gives easy access to everything antivirus-, network-, and firewall-related.

Even though some reviewers claim that the Creator Update does not offer many requested features, it does offer multiple changes that are supposed to provide existing users with better experience and attract new customers.

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