Malware Researchers Unveil Rocra Malware

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Even though most computer infections are targeted at personal systems and regular Windows users, some of them are much more cunning. Rocra is the newest detection that has raised turmoil within European agencies administering diplomatic and governmental departments. Needless to say, whatever happens behind the doors of national authorities can affect the lives of the general public as well. What is Rocra malware? How dangerous is it? Who is responsible for its existence?

Have you heard about the Flame virus? This demonic infection was categorized as a threat to governmental agencies located in the Middle East. It has been speculated that the virus was developed by the United States to spy on this politically sensitive region. Regardless, to this day there is no proof stating that this is true, and the U.S. officials have refused any accusations. Supposedly, the Rocra virus is equally as powerful and is also targeted at agencies dealing with politics, international trade and research. According to the, Rocra has been active for 5 years now. Despite this, the existence of this destructive infection was exposed on the January 14, 2013.

Rocra uses a Chinese exploit code to drop malicious files onto targeted computers within the departments of the European Union, NATO and other distinguished parties. The malign program is exceptionally dangerous because it can record keystrokes, mouse-clicks and screen content. Moreover, it has been noticed to retrieve files from smartphones or USB keys, and can be spread via regular Windows updates. As research shows, schemers may also employ the vulnerabilities of Microsoft Excel and Word documents presented through misleading spam email attachments. Once downloaded, the illegitimate file initiates the installation of malicious backdoors or malware droppers, both of which can continue downloading dangerous files without administrative authorization.

According to Kaspersky lab researchers, Rocra malware has been spread across all continents, affecting tens of different counties. Some of the more notable victims are Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and the European Union homeland Belgium. It is also worth mentioning that the main areas targeted by the infection are the government, national embassies, research institutions, trade and commerce, oil/gas companies, military, etc. Additionally to that, some of the victims remain unknown which raises the speculation that the virus attacks personal computers as well. Even though the main objective of Rocra is to spy upon governments and international-importance companies, there is no way of telling if schemers do not use it to accumulate illegal profits from ordinary Windows users.

Surely enough, the government is taking the appropriate measures to detect and destroy the Rocra virus. You should also take control and safeguard your computer with reliable security tools, which could detect and delete any malicious programs running on your computer. In fact, various dangerous applications, equally fatal to you as Rocra is to the government, could run on the PC right this second. All in all, you have to keep your Windows system protected at all times; otherwise, it could be targeted by the same cyber crooks who have interrupted our governments.


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