Have you become a victim of the DeviantArt Scam?

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The DeviantArt Scam may affect all deviantart.com users who browse for images on the popular website. The scam is operated by unreliable parties who have created accounts to flood the website with fake images that hide third-party links. According to our virtual security researchers, these images are repetitive, and so it should be easy to realize that they are linked to a scam. Luckily, nothing bad will happen if you click on the image. You will face the real risks if you interact with the links presented via these images. These links could introduce you to other scams, and this is something you need to avoid.

There is no question what purpose the devious DeviantArt Scam has been created. If you click any of the images related to this scam, you will be presented with a misleading description of a supposedly useful and reliable product, like a free online book. One or a few different links will be presented for you to acquire this product, and it is most likely that you will be presented with the azlibrary.net links. Needless to say, clicking on them is not recommended. If you click the links, you will be presented with online surveys, not the products you want to acquire. The surveys are hosted via gripnode.co, and you should not interact with them at any point, because they are unreliable as well.

The misleading surveys related to the DeviantArt Scam will ask you to download software and then unlock the download “upon valid participation in the offer of your choice.” Even though it may seem as if the DeviantArt Scam provides you with choices, in reality, all surveys are targeted at private information. For example, you may be routed to fun2cell.net to participate in a prize giveaway which should “unlock” your download. At first, this may seem like a win-win situation; however, the presented offers are just bait to trick you into disclosing private information. The people who have created the DeviantArt Scam want to learn your mobile phone number. If you enter your number, you will order a paid service that is followed by various different fees. Ultimately, you will lose your money.

If you end up downloading the software promoted via the DeviantArt Scam, it is most likely that your operating system will be corrupted by potentially unwanted programs, adware, and possibly even more dangerous threats. Therefore, you should not click on suspicious images and then trust the presented offers. Deviantart.com has been created to share images, not promote different services and products, which is why we are sure that most users will recognize the scam right away. Make sure you do not trust any other offers by such users as mariastevens, yvoneart, and zoombzz. If you have noticed that the DeviantArt Scam is linked to other users, make sure you leave a comment below identifying them. This will help other users to avoid the dangerous scam.

Some scams are created in a way that fools computer users. This is why we urge you to install reliable security software that will block access to malicious sites and will automatically remove the attacking threats.


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